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Erica Kerner & Wendy Hogan, The Marketing Society, Discuss Direct-to-Consumer & the Future C-Suite

The MadTech Podcast

On this week’s episode of The MadTech Podcast, brought to you from Singapore, ExchangeWire COO, Rachel Smith, is joined by Erica Kerner, board chairman, Singapore Hub, The Marketing Society, and Wendy Hogan, customer experience and marketing strategy director, Asia at Oracle, and board member of The Marketing Society, to discuss the latest news and trends in madtech.

In this week’s episode:

– Building the future CEO: which companies have a strong succession plan in place and understand what it will take to be a CEO of the future?
– The DTC strategy and how its customer-centricity is causing legacy B2C companies to shift focus
– Why we need to stop referring to marketers as ‘advertisers’
– The rise of the Chief Experience Officer
– How The Marketing Society is working with marketers to prepare themselves for the consumer of the future

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