Company details

In a world of SPO, it is more important than ever to work with ad tech vendors that have clear, differentiated value and a reason for being. We are thrilled with the performance improvement offered by Yieldmo, impressed by how easy-to-activate the tech is, and appreciate their donated media to accelerate our campaign’s delivery.
— Kathleen H. Kayse, Chief Media Officer, The Ad Council

Company description

Yieldmo is an advertising platform that helps brands improve digital ad experiences through creative tech and AI, using bespoke ad formats, proprietary attention signals, predictive format selection, and privacy-safe inventory curation. Yieldmo believes all ads should captivate users and be tailored to their liking. We help brands deliver the best ad for every impression opportunity. Thanks to our advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), our proprietary measurement technology, and our close relationships with publishers, this vision is increasingly attainable. Discover more at www.yieldmo.com.