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At ExchangeWire Live in New York, a panel of experts came together to discuss how the world of TV buying is changing, as a result of increased media fragmentation. Following The Trade Desk chief client officer, Brian Stempeck’s keynote speech on the state of the TV market in the US, he was joined on stage by Adam Heimlich, SVP programmatic, managing director of HX, Horizon Media; Erica Schmidt, managing director, North America, Cadreon; and Josh Martin, EVP, Performics; with Lindsay Rowntree, head of content, ExchangeWire moderating the panel.

Key discussion topics were:

– How the fragmentation of TV media affects the scale of inventory
– The measurement challenges of connected TV and how this impacts adoption rates
– How to bring connected TV media investment in line with consumption
– The relationships that exist within agencies between traditional TV and digital planners and buyers
– The marketer’s understanding of TV media fragmentation and how their customers are consuming TV media.
– When marketers will consider connected TV/OTT to be mainstream media and move out of test-budget phase
– The barriers of cost
– What needs to happen on the supply side to make connected TV a more attractive prospect for buyers/traders
– The lingering focus from the big broadcast networks on linear TV
– The danger of alienating more traditional TV audiences regionally across the US
– Whether OTTs will start to experiment with mutations of AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD