Carlo Bertozzi CEO & Founder of Longtail Talks About The Launch of bidr, Its New Ad Trading Desk, & How Transparency Will Be Key In The Australian Market

Carlo Bertozzi is the CEO of Longtail. Here he talks about why the launch of bidr, Longtail’s new ad trading desk, fills a gap for advertisers in the Australian marketplace. He discusses how RTB will bring greater scale and efficiency to the Australian market and how its commitment to a completely transparent ad trading model allows Longtail to focus on the core business of driving acquisition and conversion in the audience-buying space.

Could you give a bit of background on how the idea for bidr (an independent ad trading platform) evolved and its offering in Australia?

The idea for bidr evolved very early in the genesis of Longtail – we have always had a highly developed media and ad technology focus but the development RTB and exchange trading really allowed us to open up the strategies and develop them on a larger scale.

The holistic view of a clients data across multiple exchanges provides a powerful platform if you know how to exploit it. We’ve developed proprietary analytical and targeting analysis that allows us to build successful, sustainable acquisition and data strategies, making the most of the DSP platforms.

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