Consumers Go to YouTube for Uplifting Content During COVID-19

Channel Factory

Channel Factory, a global technology platform that maximises both performance efficiency and brand suitability for advertisers on YouTube, today [15th April] announced the results of a new survey that shows that people are flocking to YouTube for uplifting and mood enhancing content.

Entitled ‘Content Consumption and Consumer Sentiment Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic’, the survey asked more than 1,000 consumers to share their YouTube activity in the recent weeks of social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

Channel Factory found that the vast majority of consumers go to YouTube to improve their mood and find uplifting, helpful and educational content. The survey also found that respondents felt that YouTube offers more contextually relevant content based on what they wanted to see.

● 80% of respondents go to YouTube to improve their mood
● 69% find the platform’s content more uplifting than other channels

While 33% of respondents go to YouTube for COVID-19 content specifically, many more are watching a broad variety of mood-boosting videos:

● 48% are watching entertainment videos
● 48% are watching music-related content
● 33% are consuming comedy
● 31% are looking at videos about DIY
● 29% are feasting on cooking-related content

“YouTube is delivering both meaningful and useful content for its viewers as we all spend time at home. From entertainment and comedy to fitness and cooking, people feel that YouTube is helping to entertain, accomplish tasks and boost their moods,” said Jed Hartman, chief commercial officer at Channel Factory.

The research also points to a significant opportunity for brands to find positive and uplifting contextually targeted inventory on YouTube. From fitness and comedy to cooking and crafting, YouTube’s surge in traffic goes far beyond topics directly related to the pandemic. When asked specifically about YouTube advertising, survey respondents were very positive about the role advertising plays on the site:

● Over 70% of respondents want ads that both boost and align with their mood
● 29% of participants expect ads to be relevant to the content they’re watching

“Right now, advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach their audience on YouTube with highly targeted contextual placements at a low cost. Our research concludes that the shift in consumer patterns and desire to engage with uplifting content on YouTube gives brands the opportunity to engage in a high-quality environment with a highly engaged audience,” said Hartman.