IAS and Amino Payments Partner to Bridge Programmatic Transparency Gap


Integral Ad Science (IAS) today [29 April 2020] announced Total Visibility, an industry-leading partnership with Amino Payments, to offer the first solution in programmatic buying showing advertisers the true cost of qualified media. Total Visibility gives advertisers both impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to optimise campaigns in real-time. 

Now more than ever, marketers are looking for ways to ensure their advertising budgets are as effective and efficient as possible. With Total Visibility, advertisers not only see the percentage of wasted media but also the financial impact of that media. This gives them a new level of insight and control to optimise campaigns toward paths and publishers that deliver cost-efficient and quality media. On average, advertisers using the Total Visibility solution save 10-15 percent on their programmatic media spend by redirecting funds toward the most impactful placements.

“From the beginning, we realised as much as a 60% reduction in cost for highly viewable, premium inventory,” says John Marshall, Head of North America Digital Activation at HP “Being able to identify the most efficient, viewable, and safest supply paths in real-time have provided us the data to make spending decisions previously unavailable to marketers.”

IAS and Amino give advertisers the tools to verify their media quality, quantify the value of their media, and optimise the efficiency and reach of their campaigns. IAS clients will also have access to exclusive financial verification insights to assess the economic impact of the viewability of their video impressions.

“Transparency is more important than ever for advertisers," said Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Executive Officer, IAS. "For the first time, advertisers will have real-time insights with a single tag to ensure their ad spend is being used as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are thrilled to partner with Amino to bring the highest level of transparency to digital advertising.”

“For the first time, buyers will know the cost and supply path of every single ad impression rated by IAS, eliminating fraud and creating opportunities for supply path optimisation and efficiency that were not possible before. This unique partnership will change how the industry conducts programmatic advertising to the benefit of all parties involved” said Will Luttrell, CEO of Amino Payments.

“As an industry, we continue to strive for a more transparent, fair, and efficient means of conducting our business at scale. With each new innovation, we get another step closer to restoring trust in the ecosystem. Through transparency, we can address recurring inefficiencies and bad actors across the supply chain and further support programs like Ads.txt. Following a short pilot period, Total Visibility is now available to advertisers.”

Integral Ad Science

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