OnAudience Implements Personality Segments

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89% of digital businesses invest in personalisation, according to Forrester’s study. Going forward with developing personalisation technology, OnAudience.com extends the scope for segment definition and adds a new attribute: a person’s personality. Correctly discovered user’s personality gives deep insights into user’s expectations so the marketers can build a targeting campaign even more personalised, therefore more beneficial in terms of final income results. 

Newly developed DMP algorithms work on the basis of Carl Jung’s theory, which says that people experience the world using four psychological functions: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Expanded by psychologists, the theory currently counts 16 possible personality types.

In order to discover Automotive Fans, Online Shoppers, or Music Lovers in terms of their personalities, AI algorithms explore the online behaviour of users included in these segments to assign them to one of the 16 personalities. This way OnAudience.com knows, e.g., which users from Music Lovers segments are introverts or extroverts.

By using personality segments the marketers can design customer journeys, matched with customers’ personality expectations. They can also generate leads with lower costs, therefore spend ad budgets efficiently.

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