mediarithmics Partners with Channel 4 to Elevate Campaign Targeting


Channel 4 has selected leading ad tech provider, mediarithmics as their advanced data platform partner to hone their campaign targeting capabilities, as part of the broadcaster’s ongoing strategy to accelerate digital across the business.

The solution that mediarithmics has created in conjunction with InfoSum addresses concerns about speed, privacy and reach. Also, it’s the first broadcast solution to store information in a data-clean room, with no need for third-parties, making All 4’s first-party data of 23 million registered users available for advertisers to view via a neutral platform.

Through BrandMatch, advertisers can now shop for their target audience through a dashboard by injecting their customer data, which will then overlay with the broadcaster to find matches. All 4 can then use lookalike modelling, in real-time, to scale the audience segment using the mediarithmics platform. Other benefits include:

 An answer to scalability for brands that have rich first-party data – to match with
target audiences on the platform
 Look-a-like modelling to increase scale
 Contextual targeting – no reliance on third-parties
 Anonymised data pools – improved yield and increasing confidence

“We’re really pleased to be working with Channel 4, especially since many of us in the media and advertising industry could not have predicted the pandemic and its impact.” Graeme Finneberg, UK country manager at mediarithmics, continues, “it’s important for us to be providing a solution which helps our clients overcome today’s challenges around targeting and scalability, especially now. Yet, still provide the ability to execute effective campaigns, broaden the scope and value of their business relationships with their first-party data strategies.”

Jonathan Lewis, head of digital and partnership innovation at Channel 4, adds, “4Sales has a strong track record in delivering market-leading addressable advertising innovation, using first-party data from All 4’s 23 million registered users. By teaming up with mediarithmics, we’re able to enhance this even further and provide our clients with more advanced data-driven targeting options that we hope to help advertisers at this difficult time.”