How COVID-19 Impacts Mobile Advertising: Verve Group Shares Insights

Over the past months, Applift, PubNative, and Verve, now aligned under Verve Group, have been gathering data on the effects of COVID-19 on the mobile advertising ecosystem.

In their recently published infographic, Verve Group combines key insights to depict the growth and decline of the following data points per GEO and category;

● Mobile Ad Spend
● Mobile Ad Requests
● Ad Impressions
● eCPM Values
● Performance Revenue
● Store Visits

In the infographic, data from Applift’s mobile ad performance solution, PubNative’s programmatic ad exchange, and Verve’s proprietary location-based marketing platform come together to analyse the effects of COVID-19 on mobile advertising.

The time frame chosen for the analysis is March 15 to June 30, taking into account the loosening of lockdown regulations worldwide and how this has affected mobile advertising. The data stems from global activities, with an additional in-depth focus on core markets for performance advertising such as the US, Brazil and Japan.

To find a side-by-side comparison of ad spend and ad requests and the development of
eCPM and ad impressions, download the infographic here.

Verve Group

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