Captify’s Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) Marks Paradigm Shift in Programmatic Efficiency


Captify, the global leader in search intelligence, today announced the launch of PSI, a revolutionary, new product in partnership with PubMatic, a digital advertising technology company. PSI enables advertisers to curate custom Private Marketplace (PMP) deals by mapping Captify’s dynamic and live audiences– built from billions of real-time onsite searches – over PubMatic’s premium publisher inventory to activate targeted audiences at scale across a range of media, such as video and display. PSI is available in markets across North America, Europe and Australasia, with 800+ brands already reliant on Captify’s Search Intelligence to drive uplift for media and marketing strategies.

Now more than ever, brands are facing unprecedented challenges in a volatile market due to the pandemic. With auto brands struggling with surplus stock - up to 1.6 million cars are expected to sit unsold and retail sales plummeting by 63% compared to one year ago, PSI comes at a pivotal time as brands focus on revenue recovery.

In order to keep up with the unpredictable shifts in consumer behaviour based on evolved needs and new priorities and identify audiences that have emerged because of COVID-19, brands need explicit and real-time intent data, not stale out-of-date data segments. Utilising this data to prospect and convert full-funnel audiences will ultimately fuel business revival and growth for brands. A critical product for programmatic media buyers, PSI:

1. Activates Captify’s dynamic search data, which reveals a brand’s most receptive and often unexpected audiences in real-time moments of consumer consideration and intent, going beyond demographics and stale segments.

2. Alleviates out-of-date data concerns and gives advertisers confidence through qualified audiences, with Captify’s deals refreshing every five minutes - significantly faster than other PMPs in the market.

3. Provides advertisers and Agency Trading Desks an access point to quickly and easily activate both off the shelf audiences and custom PMPs for competitive advantage, without sacrificing scale.

4. Offers advertisers enhanced control over spend allocation, empowering them to optimise campaigns mid-flight to shift budget instantly toward high performing audiences and moments as well as react quickly to real-world events.

5. Unlocks key insights, beyond traditional programmatic offerings to fuel optimisation strategies and identify new, incremental audiences and targeting strategies.

“For brands, it’s fundamental for strategic planning and decision-making right now to be armed with consumer intent data that reflects real-time behaviours,” said Amanda Martin, VP of Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group. “As a result of this partnership between Captify and PubMatic, our advertiser clients are able to leverage search data to save time and get quicker results by executing faster, more efficient, evidence-based strategies for targeting emerging audiences.”

Commenting on Captify’s partnership with PubMatic, Matthew Papa, SVP of global partnerships at Captify said: ‘This partnership brings Captify ever closer to achieving its mission to make search data accessible across all channels and beyond the walled gardens. PubMatic, a premium global media brand, aligns perfectly with Captify’s vision to deliver data-led innovation to the market and shares in our commitment to deliver this with brand safety, transparency and trust for our advertiser clients.”

The partnership will utilise PubMatic’s Audience Encore, a platform designed to improve how marketers transact on audience data by giving them access to premium omnichannel inventory layered with quality data. Activation is simple; like in a standard PMP deal, marketers can use their existing workflows and transact through the demand-side platform (DSP) of their choice.

“Captify brings a diverse and premium group of advertisers to the PubMatic platform,” said Alex DeSanctis, PubMatic’s VP of Audience Encore. “High-performing search data is a valuable inroad to partnerships with big brands and, as the industry leader in search intelligence, Captify’s intent-driven data is highly respected and sought after by our premium buying partners.”

Partnering directly with over 1,300 publishers across 6M+ sites, Captify’s Semantic Technology
collects and connects billions of monthly intent signals from the world of search that exists outside
of Google, search data that is closer to the point of purchase than the walled gardens.


Captify is the largest holder of consumer search data outside of Google, and its unique technology understands the intent of consumers across all channels, including voice Search, desktop on-site search and in-app search. Captify’s privacy-centri...
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