Cookieless Targeting and Measurement Expands in India and Russia


As part of Digiseg’s goal to help advertisers and publishers get to the cookieless future faster, it has launched cookie- and ID-free audiences in India and Russia.  

With these two countries, Digiseg’s cookieless audience data is now available in 49 locations. All markets use the same standardised audiences, making cross border campaigns easier for advertisers and because the data segments every household in each market, it provides market leading reach for each segment.  

“The sun is setting quickly on the three decades of identifying, tracking and storing individuals’ data. We have been privacy-first from day one. We segment people, not content which makes us unique in the cookie-free world and our goal is to bring the power and reach of our ethical audiences to as many markets as possible”, says Søren H. Dinesen, co-founder and CEO. 


Digiseg maps digital advertising to household characteristics. Our cookie and tracking free technology can be used across all devices, media types and operating systems to target advertising and measure audiences for both campaigns and websites....
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