Sharethrough Partners with Scope3 to Launch its First Green Media Products

Sharethrough, one of the top global independent omnichannel ad exchanges, has announced the launch of its first Green Media Product, Green PMPs (Private Marketplaces).

Green Media Products measure the emissions from an entire programmatic advertising campaign using Scope3 data and contribute the social cost of carbon to high quality carbon removal projects.

In a survey of 1,000 adults across the US, Canada and the UK, 80% stated that they favour brands that are working to reduce their carbon emissions. Sharethrough's Green PMPs provide brands an easy path forward to set and achieve net-zero carbon commitments. Green PMPs connect to the same premium publisher inventory - accounting for carbon while not sacrificing performance.

Sharethrough's Green Media Products are measured using Scope3's robust industry data that looks at all of the emissions in an advertiser's supply chain, or Scope 3, emissions. While Scope 3 emissions are more difficult to calculate, it is estimated that they account for 65-95% of a company's total footprint. Sharethrough is the first SSP to use Scope 3 data measurements of the entire supply chain to measure their Green Media Products.

The cost of emissions for a Green PMP are calculated and contributed to a portfolio of projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Sharethrough partners can now search for Green PMPs directly in their demand-side platforms (DSPs) and activate them with the click of a button. They can also work with Sharethrough to create custom Green PMPs across display, video, and native advertisements. Green PMPs can be identified with a green icon which also links users to more information regarding the initiative.

"OMD UK are in full support of industry initiatives such as Ad Net Zero, #ChangeTheBrief Alliance and the IPA Media Charter. A significant part of our focus and contribution to these initiatives is through identifying ways to make our business and our clients more environmentally friendly; we are always looking for opportunities that will help us move the needle on our sustainability goals. Because of the focus on Scope 3 emissions; the Green PMP from Sharethrough and Scope3 provides a viable path toward a cleaner, greener digital media ecosystem." said Suzy Ryder, chief digital officer of OMD UK. "OMD UK is proud to be an anchor partner for this initiative, bringing more awareness and real solutions to the entire digital media ecosystem. We're excited to see the results so we can continue to learn and advance our work in this area as we look to support our own and our clients sustainability ambitions".

To put things into perspective, 1 million ad impressions produce the same amount of emissions as one individual round trip flight from Boston to London or the manufacturing of 2.3 million plastic straws. Sharethrough is committed to decarbonising the USD$136.74bn (£10.912bn) programmatic advertising industry and is proud to announce a solution that allows others to drive change in their own supply chains as well.

Cossette Media, a leading Canadian media agency, will be one of the first agencies to transact net-zero emission media on Sharethrough's Green PMPs.

"The Green PMP initiative from Sharethrough fits perfectly with Cossette Media's purpose of Making Media Matter and particularly the importance of building a cleaner and more sustainable media ecosystem, " said Axel Dumont, president, Cossette Media. "We are happy to see a tech company like Sharethrough take leadership on creating a turnkey way for agencies like us to achieve net-zero carbon emissions on our programmatic media buys."

"Thanks to Green PMPs, businesses on all points across the programmatic supply chain are able to deliver net-zero emission ad impressions, and help lead the charge in making ad tech an overall more environmentally conscious industry," said Luc Marsolais, chief operating officer, Sharethrough.

"Green Media Products (GMPs) are the easiest and most impactful thing brands can do to help decarbonise advertising," said Brian O'Kelley, co-founder & CEO, Scope3. "By building carbon into its Green PMPs, Sharethrough is allowing brands and media buyers to take action to fight climate change without compromising on campaign results."

More information regarding Sharethrough's Green PMPs can be found here.