AdPlayer.Pro Video Ad Tech Company Signs New Partnerships on the Supply Side


AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of advanced outstream video advertising solutions, reports the expansion of the company’s partnerships on the supply side.

According to the announcement, the newly-established collaborations are covering several key market verticals, which have gotten a significant traffic boost over the past several years. 

As Anton Liaskovskyi, the CEO of AdPlayer.Pro explained, the recently signed partnerships align well with the company’s business goals for 2022. 

“We’ve been investing significant resources into the development of robust functionality, aimed at making the monetisation of editorial inventory as smooth as possible at all stages, including the creation of video ad placements, demand integration, campaign configuration, and many more. And we’re happy to hear our partners’ positive feedback on these,” he claimed.

As for the plans for the near future, AdPlayer.Pro demand partnerships are likely to be widened in Q3 and Q4 2022 too. 

According to Mr. Liaskovskyi, the extended collaborations will enable businesses to reach premium audience segments in the highly-relevant contexts easier, helping them to ensure maximum video ad viewability with minimal readers’ disruption. 



AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of outstream video advertising tech solutions, including ad-enabled video player technology and a robust video ad server with scalable white-label capabilities....
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