• EX.CO Debuts Vertical Video Player for Publishers’ Websites

    EX.CO - the world’s leading publisher video technology platform empowering publishers to own their video content and monetisation strategies, today (January 3rd, 2024) launched its new vertical video player that is fully optimised for immersive mobile web viewing experiences, and [...]

  • Zeotap Data Introduces 'Data Tribes' - 12 Smart Premium Segments for Enhanced Audience Targeting

    Zeotap Data, a leading provider of fully-consented, people-based data solutions, announces the launch of 'Zeotap Tribes',  a collection of 12 smart audience segments.  These meticulously crafted segments have been designed by prioritising data from exclusive mobile telco partnerships, and aim to [...]

  • Tappx Celebrates 9th Birthday & Launches Techsoulogy

    Tappx, a leading global ad tech company, proudly announces the launch of Techsoulogy, a new corporate brand that unifies a broad portfolio of companies powering solutions for digital advertising, video content, mobile apps, and video gaming across mobile, desktop, and [...]

  • AdPlayer.Pro Video Ad Tech Company Signs New Partnerships on the Supply Side

    AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of advanced outstream video advertising solutions, reports the expansion of the company’s partnerships on the supply side. According to the announcement, the newly-established collaborations are covering several key market verticals, which have gotten a significant traffic boost [...]

  • Tappx Acquires Mobile Gaming Brand From The Bench

    Tappx, a leading ad tech company offering multi-platform digital advertising solutions, today (17th May 2022) announced its acquisition of the video game developer brand From The Bench. The acquisition is part of Tappx's diversification strategy and its clear commitment to [...]

  • Smart Recrute Pierre-Yves Mell au Poste de Senior Account Strategist

    Smart AdServer, la plateforme indépendante de monétisation publicitaire, annonce aujourd’hui la nomination de Pierre-Yves Mell au poste de senior account strategist. Rejoignant les équipes supply de Smart, Pierre-Yves aura pour mission d’accompagner les clients éditeurs dans leur transformation digitale, d’optimiser [...]

  • VlogBox Creates A to Z Movie Box for Echelon Studios

    Echelon Studios, a film distribution and licensing company, has created its second channel - “A to Z Movie Box” - on popular OTT platforms. This decision has been driven by Echelon’s ambition to make its diverse movie and music library [...]

  • Capital Croissance Invests in Smart AdServer

    Smart AdServer, the independent ad tech platform, is reshaping its capital structure via a Management Buyout of current investor Cathay Capital by Capital Croissance, which becomes its new majority shareholder. Cathay Capital fuelled the foundational growth of Smart, and it [...]

  • Why The Vertical Ad Network Will Win The Decade

    The term ‘ad network’ surfaces a lot of ill-feeling when discussed at conferences or in the trade press - its reputation has been besmirched by consistent bad behaviour over two decades. Programmatic ad tech vendors built market share in the [...]