Verve Group’s Moments.AI Now Available in Match2One Platform

Verve Group today (July 26th, 2023) announces that Match2One – its easy-to-use self-service advertising platform for businesses within e-commerce, financial trading and fintech, and iGaming – has embedded Verve Group’s Moments.AI contextual advertising technology into its platform

With Moments.AI, Match2One customers will be able to continue delivering performance-driven digital campaigns when cookies, one of digital advertising’s key targeting methods, are retired by Google in 2024. It affords the same level of targeting capabilities as cookies by enabling marketers to find the right audiences in the right context.

Match2One’s integration with Moments.AI works in three simple steps. Once a contextual campaign is launched through the Match2One platform, the advanced technology crawls the internet and collects contextual signals within 20 milliseconds of being published, helping advertisers to target specific moments, rather than users. The Match2One platform will then automatically show that advert to users at the exact moment they're engaged with content that aligns with the campaign or brand. Finally, advertisers can view valuable insights in a user-friendly dashboard on how well their ads are performing with their target audience.

Commenting on this latest innovation, Mikael Kreuger, co-founder, and CEO of Match2One, part of Verve Group, said: “Match2One is levelling the playing field for its customers by breaking down the barriers to entry for programmatic advertising. By integrating Moments.AI capabilities into the Match2One self-service programmatic advertising platform,  we are helping them prepare for a cookie-less advertising environment. It brings together the best data and targeting capabilities from across Verve Group to provide a privacy-first solution that future-proofs marketing strategies."

Evgeny Popov, EVP, GM International at Verve Group, commented: “Contextual solutions remain the best single answer for the challenges marketers face. With the Moments.AI integration, Match2One will offer the industry the tools to carry them through a transition period where professionals can prepare their advertising strategies and ensure they meet the demands of a privacy-first future.”

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