• Fraternité Is the Main Message of ATS Paris 2019

    On Wednesday 3 April, ExchangeWire presented ATS Paris 2019 in front of some of the finest minds within the French digital advertising industry. Whilst the range of vendors, agencies, and publishers was highly diverse, a few core themes began to [...]

  • In Digital Media We Are All the Same

    ExchangeWire has been doing ‘proper’ European events for over ten years. All our events are done predominantly through the native language of the country in which we host events: French, Spanish, Swedish, or German. I have even given two French monologues [...]

  • What Programmatic In-Housing Means for the Future of the Service Layer: Q&A with Adform

    In the build up to ATS Paris, ExchangeWire speaks to Julien Gardes, vice president southern Europe, Adform, to get his thoughts on the future of the service layer, the role consultancies can play in helping advertisers, and the trend of [...]

  • ATS Paris: 8 Reasons Why You Need to Attend the Show

    Digital marketing is in flux in Europe right now – with privacy legislation, transparency concerns, and business models all effecting huge change. Our first European event of 2018, ATS Paris, is a reflection of this. Now in its eighth year, ATS [...]