Automated Guaranteed

  • A Powerful Ad Buying Tool: Maximising Programmatic Direct Performance

    Speed or certainty – when programmatic first emerged, buyers had to choose between the two. They could opt for real-time bidding (RTB) and large-scale efficiency, or traditional direct deals and guarantees of inventory. It’s not surprising that the arrival of programmatic direct, which combines the efficiencies of programmatic with the certainty of buying from approved partners, has been enthusiastically embraced by buyers and publishers alike. In fact, OpenX has seen their programmatic direct revenue alone rise by 500% since 2016.

    One [...]

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  • Programmatic Direct is Taking Over

    Programmatic display advertising was tipped to generate ad spends of £2.5bn in the UK this year. Compared to 2013, the market will have grown by nearly 500%. Similarly aggressive trends are predicted pretty much all over the world. The single biggest driver of this lately has been programmatic direct. In the latest chapter of the serialisation of The Programmatic Handbook, published by the IAB UB, Alexander Reinhold, head of solutions, Sociomantic Labs, takes a closer look why.

    An abbreviated [...]

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  • Facebook Updates Metrics & Reporting; LiveRamp Buys Arbor and Circulate

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Facebook updates metrics and reporting; LiveRamp buys Arbor and Circulate; IAB and ISBA cooperate on mobile buying handbook; Snapchat IPO is coming; More lift with Rich Media; Spotify and WPP announce partnership; Widespace’s new ad platform; Protected Media’s anti-ad-fraud solution; and European viewable completion rates analysed by TubeMogul. 

    Facebook update on metrics and reporting

    Criticism on Facebook’s lack of transparency has prompted the company to [...]

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  • Publishers on Programmatic in Finland

    According to statistics from earlier this year, programmatic advertising is really taking off in Finland. Looking at ad sales from December 2015, the Association of Finnish Advertisers found that 75% of advertisers engaged in programmatic buying of ads. Sounds like good news for Finnish publishers, who have eventually come together to form an alliance to expand their reach and take control of programmatic transactions: Sanoma Corporation, Alma Media Corporation, Otavamedia, Aller Media Oy, A-lehdet Oy, MTV Oy, KSF Media, Kaleva365 [...]

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  • Algorithms Can Teach Us About Ourselves: The Power of Automation

    3 November, 2016 marks the third year of the Xaxies Awards in the UK – the annual awards held by Xaxis to celebrate the best of programmatic technology and advertisers’ campaigns. This year, Simone Giertz, 25-year-old inventor, robotics enthusiast, and YouTube star from Stockholm, Sweden, who has been featured in Mashable, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and in the New Scientist, has been invited to judge the ‘Most Creative Use of Data’ category. Ahead of this, [...]

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  • AT&T Buys Time Warner; Criteo Launch Predictive Search

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: AT&T acquire Time Warner; Predictive search by Criteo; Support for DigiTrust; MediaMath integrat with AdX; DAX Listener ID; Vertical video by Teads; Visual IQ buys Refined Labs; and Neustar focuses on European expansion.

    AT&T buy Time Warner for USD$85bn

    Massive take-over in the media sector: telecommunications provider AT&T buy Time Warner, securing content that includes the the famous Hollywood studio, as well as news station [...]

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  • Why Real-Time Guaranteed Will Release Publishers from the Programmatic Trade-Off

    Real-time guaranteed has entered the mix to remove the need for publishers to compromise between RTB and guaranteed deals. For all the talk in the industry about real-time guaranteed, and its benefits to publishers, do we really know what it is and how it can help? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Andrew Buckman (pictured below), MD EMEA, OpenX, takes it back to basics, explaining how and why real-time guaranteed releases publishers from the programmatic trade-off.

    Compromise may be “the shared hypotenuse of [...]

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  • EU Wants Google/Facebook to Pay Publishers; Ligatus Buys LiquidM

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Publishers strengthened by EU proposal; Ligatus acquires LiquidM; Lower ad fraud rates for Media iQ; New Finnish publisher alliance uses Adform platform; and The Trade Desk appoints new CMO. 

    EU Proposes that Google/Facebook Pay Publishers

    The EU is stepping into the breach for publishers. According to a report by the Guardian, the EU is proposing new rules which would strengthen news publishers at [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Risk Irrelevance if They Ignore Programmatic Direct

    Programmatic direct will revolutionise the way inventory is bought and improve campaign delivery; but marketers will need to figure out how the technology platform can work for them. In this industry byliner, Exponential Interactive’s Southeast Asia and North Asia commercial director Gerard Lechau highlights key benefits programmatic direct promises to offer and attempts to clear the air about what it actually means.

    Programmatic advertising has been gaining ground in Asia-Pacific and is on a growth trajectory with a current penetration rate [...]

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  • Automated Cinema Advertising: Q&A with Jay Sears, SVP Marketplace Development, Rubicon Project

    Automation of advertising inventory is expanding at a fair speed. After TV, audio and OOH, the logical next stage is cinema. ExchangeWire speak with Jay Sears (pictured below), SVP marketplace development, Rubicon Project about how their partnership with Screenvision Media to automated cinema inventory buying in the US will bring about efficiency in buying and cross-media planning.

    ExchangeWire: Does the alliance between Rubicon Project and Screenvision Media mean that cinema advertising is now automated?

    Jay Sears: Precisely. Rubicon Project’s partnership with Screenvision [...]

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