• Oracle's Laura Ipsen on Consumer Experience & Data Overload

    Oracle’s Marketing Cloud offering has evolved rapidly following a string of acquisitions over the last five years: Eloqua, 2012; Responsys, 2013; BlueKai and Datalogix, 2014; Maxymiser, 2015; and AddThis & Crosswise, 2016. In August 2016, Laura Ipsen (pictured below) moved from Oracle’s Global Industry Solutions Group (technology solutions for retail, financial services, utilities, public sector, etc.) to Oracle Marketing Cloud as SVP and general manager, replacing Kevin Akeroyd, who left the company.

    During an interview [...]

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  • 'Driverless' Marketing: Is Digital Marketing Automation Heading the Right way?

    Las Vegas’ 2017 Consumer Electronics Show explored the road to driverless mobility. Self-driving technology is promising better use of your time while arriving at your destination safely. One of the show’s highlights was BMW’s advanced i Vision Future Technology, featuring added sensors that recognise hand gestures. It is marketing/advertising technologies’ vision to understand complex signals from the consumer and within the marketplace, to drive marketing to defined goals (semi-)autonomously – unlocking valuable resources for the ‘driver’. While programmatic is leading [...]

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  • Why 2016 Was The Beginning of The End of The Current Ad Tech Cycle

    There was a lot of M&A this year in advertising technology. According to Eric Franchi’s ad tech M&A tracker, there were eighteen acquisitions in excess of USD$100m (£68.4m) in 2016 – with a combined total of nearly USD$10bn (£6.8bn). This obviously should be viewed as a positive for the industry. Ad tech clearly still plays a crucial part in the monetisation and execution strategies of publishers, agencies and brands.

    Despite the M&A frenzy this year there is a sense in [...]

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  • 'Social Care Strategy' Often Fills Marketing Teams with Dread: Q&A with Leo Ryan, VP, Spredfast

    Social media is slowly starting to become a key element of a brand’s communication strategy and, of course, this means they need to take customer service into consideration. ExchangeWire speak with Leo Ryan, VP, customer solutions, EMEA, Spredfast, about how brands are dealing with this form of communication, and how marketing technology is aiding them in their social care strategy.

    ExchangeWire: There has been a huge rise in the number of consumers turning to social media to approach brands [...]

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  • 2017 Will Be a Year of Action for Brands, Agencies & Technology Providers

    2016 has been a fascinating year for the industry, best summed up as the ‘year of transparency’, as the ANA (alongside Facebook’s ‘inflate-gate’) helped to remind brands of the importance of transparency, and driving this throughout the entire media supply chain. As Ryan Kangisser, founder and managing partner of ad tech and martech consultancy, Stack I/O explains, it has signalled a fundamental change in the way of working.

    Marketers have needed to take a much more proactive role in the [...]

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  • Programmatic in Deutschland wächst; Teads vermarktet Spiegel Online

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH. Diese Woche: Programmatic in Deutschland auf Wachstumskurs; Teads übernimmt Outstream-Vermarktung von Spiegel; Adblock-Rate in Deutschland sinkt; und Deutsche Unternehmen misstrauen ihren Mediaagenturen.

    Programmatic in Deutschland wächst 51%

    Zwischen September und Oktober 2016 wurden insgesamt 31 Digitalexperten aus Deutschland und der Schweiz im Rahmen von Experteninterviews und imAuftrag des BVDW und des IAB Schweiz befragt. Das Ergebnis der Befragung von Repräsentanten der Agentur-, Werbeauftraggeber- und Publisher-Seite: Programmatic in Deutschland ist in der Konsolidierungsphase [...]

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  • Real-Time Media Buying is Just the Tip of the Programmatic Iceberg

    Programmatic advertising is still not used to its full potential. In this piece, Chris Le May (pictured below), SVP and MD Europe and emerging markets, DataXu, specifically addresses marketers and explains how they can make the most of their programmatic spend by breaking down silos and using advanced attribution models to create meaningful data and make informed decisions. 

    As the popular myth goes, humans only use 10% of their brains. Imagine, if this were true, what we could achieve with 90% extra brainpower? Would we fully realise [...]

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  • Smartclip vermarktet für IP und G+J; ADITION, ADEX, Partnerschaft

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH mit Schlaglicht-Interviews aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche: Smartclip übernimmt Outstream-Vermarktung für IP und G+J EMS; ADITION, ADEX und schließen Technologiepartnerschaft; AdDefend bringt Anti-Adblock-Technologie nach Österreich; Neuzugang bei OpenX Deutschland; und Fünf Fragen an Frederike Voss, orbyd.

    Smartclip vermarktet für IP und G+J EMS

    Smartclip reißt noch mehr Outstream-Vermarktung an sich. Die RTL-Tochter konnte jetzt eine Partnerschaft mit IP Deutschland und der Gruner+Jahr Media Sales-Abteilung abschließen: Ab Januar 2017 vermarktet Smartclip für [...]

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  • Adobe Buys TubeMogul; Digital Video Advertising Strategies are Maturing

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: TubeMogul bought up by Adobe; iab Europe digital video advertising survey; Earnings for YuMe and Marin; FastPay fintech financing program; Targeted display solution by Archant; and Sizmek goes HTML5. 

    TubeMogul acquired by Adobe

    Adobe has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TubeMogul for a price tag of approximately USD$540m (£433m) net of debt and cash.

    With the acquisition of TubeMogul, Adobe hopes to [...]

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  • Partnerschaft zwischen Outbrain und Spiegel; Adjust expandiert in USA

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH mit Schlaglicht-Interviews aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche: Outbrain schließt weitere strategische Partnerschaft in Deutschland; Adjust expandiert in USA; Mobile immer dominanter; und Fünf Fragen an Oliver Hülse, Rocket Fuel.

    Strategische Partnerschaft zwischen Outbrain und Spiegel

    Outbrain wächst in Deutschland munter weiter. Nach Partnerschaften mit Burda und RTL Interactive und anderen, geht die Content-Discovery-Plattform jetzt eine strategische Partnerschaft mit der Spiegel-Gruppe ein.

    Dank der Zusammenarbeit soll die Empfehlungstechnologie auf den Spiegel-Seiten nun User-Engagement und [...]

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