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Ellie Edwards-Scott, The Advisory Collective Discusses In-App Advertising, Fraud & In-Housing

The MadTech Podcast

In episode four of The MadTech Podcast, Ellie Edwards-Scott, co-founder, The Advisory Collective, joins ExchangeWire’s COO, Rachel Smith, and head of content, Lindsay Rowntree, to discuss the latest stories in madtech.

The stories this week:

– Apple CEO Tim Cook’s scathing attack of companies that he believes have created a data-industrial complex; combined with the news that search revenue from Apple’s App Store could hit USD$2bn by 2020
– The in-app ad fraud scandal uncovered by Pixalate, and blown open by BuzzFeed News
– Vodafone’s decision to renege on bringing programmatic in-house
– The minimum requirements for foreign ad tech companies trying to enter the UK market, and how The Advisory Collective is helping driving success for these companies.

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