Fionn Hyndman on SVOD, Marketing Analytics, and PandaAds

On this week's episode of The MadTech Podcast, digital consultant Fionn Hyndman joins ExchangeWire's Rachel Smith and Lindsay Rowntree to discuss the APAC SVOD market, the future of marketing analytics, and PandaAds.


APAC sustains its SVOD momentum

Will such an explosion in SVOD growth create more fragmentation in the SVOD market across APAC?

With Netflix and Disney+ going down the ad-funded route, will this pave the way for more international SVOD platforms to enter the market?

A recent study from Digital TV Research has found that the APAC SVOD market will contain nearly 750 million customers in the next 5 years; up from 541 million in 2021. Of this figure, China makes up 49%, with India accounting for 23%.

The big American SVOD players, including Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, will only account for a quarter of the SVOD market in Asia Pacific, largely due to its inability to access China and India. However, Disney+ success in India with Disney+ Hotstar, has meant that the SVOD platform’s subscriber volume overtook Netflix. 


60% of CMOs to cut marketing analytics teams by 2023

With data deemed as a marketing fundamental, what are the implications of deprecating marketing analytics departments?

How can data analysts prove the value of data to key decision makers in large brand organisations?

According to a new survey by Gartner, only 53% of marketing decisions are influenced by data, despite increased emphasis on its importance. It predicts 60% of CMOs will halve their analytics departments due to failed promised improvements. According to Gartner’s findings, 33% of respondents said decision makers cherry-pick data to support an already-formed argument. 24% said decision makers went with their gut feeling to make a choice. 


Foodpanda launches PandaAds

What opportunities will PandaAds open up in the retail space across Asia?

What could brand partnerships with Foodpanda look like?

Asian food and grocery delivery company, Foodpanda, has launched a suite ad tech and martech solutions named PandaAds. 

After trialing the product with brand partners in 2021, they will roll out a set of integrated features including the Foodpanda app, digital marketing assets, and partnerships programmes. Launched in 11 markets, including Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan and Hong Kong, Panda Ads will enable clients, through a strategic partnership with GroupM, to activate in-app, advertising and other media assets, including collaborate on brand partnerships.