An ATS London keynote debut from Julie Langley, partner, Results International. Expect a fascinating journey through the growth of the flourishing advertising industry.

Langley explains how the current ad tech financial trends are not new and not to be worried about – the four-year trend of ad tech share prices resembles that same trend of the NASDAQ between 1998 and 2003. Boom and bust is to be expected; and it does not hinder global ad tech M&A. Langley reminds the packed ATS London venue there is plenty to be positive about in the ad tech arena. Langley’s keynote is followed by a lively and engaging fireside chat with ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane.

In this ATS London keynote speech, Langley covers:

– The state of the ad tech M&A market

– How the current challenges in the M&A market stem from too much money being raised at too high valuations

– The positive outlook for the market, given the volume of buyers, including trends around who is buying, from pure play ad tech and marketing services groups, to unexpected new entrants

– Why new entrants, such as TV broadcasters and telcos, are entering into the ad tech M&A arena

– How new, completely unknown players are entering the ad tech M&A arena – and their potential motives behind this

– The inevitability of the convergence of ad tech and martech

– The differences between public companies and strategic M&As

– Far fetched, but nevertheless conceivable, predictions within ad tech

In the fireside chat Langley and O’Kane discuss:

– Why the ad tech M&A market is more attractive to telcos now more than ever before

– The emergence of Chinese companies buying ad tech

– How a shifting market and scarcity vs synergy helps ad tech companies achieve impressive market exits