“Sometimes we talk to B2B marketers and they have this idea of a B2B audience as being this corporate robot who is constantly in their office on their desktop, just reading business sites. And that’s just not true. B2B audiences are real people, at the end of the day.”  

In this ExchangeWire Voxpop, StackAdapt sales director, Raina Roberts, joins ExchangeWire CSO Ciaran O'Kane to discuss the B2B marketing landscape and the power of Account Based Marketing (ABM). 

To effectively target B2B audiences, Raina says marketers should avoid “seeing them as that B2B business corporate robot”. She suggests moving away from the traditional desktop format and considering other channels, as we see B2B consumption habits become more aligned with those on the consumer side.  

Raina explains the biggest barriers for people getting into B2B programmatic, why CBM is so important for the B2B space, and why it’s growing so much in popularity. She also explains the power of using a diverse range of channels in your media mix. 

Expanding on ABM, Raina touches on:  

  • The benefits of ABM
  • The key framework advertisers need to have in place to get started with ABM
  • How programmatic can be integrated into ABM campaigns
  • How the success of ABM strategies can be measured