Tradeswell Announces Criteo Integration to Boost Brands’ Presence on Retail Media Marketplaces


As summer heats up and millions of consumers flock to online marketplaces for their must-have products (e.g., sunscreen, grill accessories) the urgency to capture their attention in search results is at an all-time high. To help ecommerce brands reach and convert those consumers through sponsored product ads, Tradeswell announces its strategic integration with Criteo’s Retail Media solution.

Through Criteo’s new API Partner Program, Tradeswell is able to offer existing clients access to additional retail media channels. With the number of ecommerce marketplaces growing every day, the Criteo partnership is an extremely efficient way for Tradeswell to scale its retail media offering as Criteo provides the ability to introduce new retail media channels into a brand’s advertising mix through one single integration.

“The speed at which new retail marketplaces are launched and grown quickly to scale is astounding,” said Mark Fruehan, chief revenue officer. “It’s encouraging to see, but also terrifying for a brand when they think about the technology required to seamlessly ‘plug in’ their advertising spend into each. Our integration with Criteo removes all of that stress, because brands can monitor, manage and optimise their ad spend across all marketplaces in one, unified environment. ” He added, “What’s more, Criteo continues to invest in this space. As we’ve seen from their recent acquisition of Mabaya, they are carving out a unique market position and improving their offerings, which gives us even more confidence that they are a perfect match for Tradeswell’s brand clients.”

Thanks to Tradeswell’s plug-and-play integration with Criteo, brands can quickly scale to capitalise on retail media marketplace opportunities, access unique inventory and engage with high-intent shoppers one click away from purchase. Additionally, it allows them to diversify their ecommerce advertising strategies to acquire new customers and gain market share. And due to the holistic, agnostic nature of the Tradeswell platform, all of this can be done with full visibility and key connections into other essential data such as unit and dollar sales, demand forecasts, inventory levels, and COGS. This way, brands can make smarter decisions about their marketing spend because they see the full picture, not just marketing KPIs like ROAS. With an understanding of how profitable each marketplace is for them, down to the SKU level, they can leverage sponsored product ads to increase sales without sacrificing profits.

“Advertising on retailers’ sites and apps, along with retail media marketplaces, is for all brands today,” said Michael Greene, VP, global product solutions, Retail Media at Criteo. “The challenge that we took up and solved with our API Partner Program is to provide an easy way for agencies and technology partners to give their brand clients access to this high-value marketplace inventory through the platforms they are already using. We are continuing to invest in this area and are pleased to have Tradeswell as a partner in this program for their 200+ brands to benefit.”

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