Eyeota Cohort Onboarding Expands Selling Simplified’s B2B Data Intelligence into 26 markets


Eyeota, the leading data partner to global enterprises, today announced it has partnered with Selling Simplified Group, Inc., a global leader in intent-driven B2B demand gen marketing solutions, to transform their existing data assets into powerful digital audiences, via Eyeota’s Cohort Onboarding solution.

Through this partnership, Eyeota’s Cohort Onboarding will enable Selling Simplified to expand the usage of their vast data reservoir, into 26 global markets and across Europe and Latin America. Eyeota’s ability to rapidly and effectively activate Selling Simplified’s first-party data will be vital to powering brand users' global digital marketing efforts and generating actionable audience insights.

“Most companies are sitting on mountains of unused data and real-world insights, without the ability or knowledge of how to transform it into addressable, actionable solutions ,” said Marc Fanelli, chief operating officer at Eyeota. “Too often, the data collected by brands is siloed, or mired in gaps and restrictions - but through our cohort onboarding solution, first-party data that was thought to be useless is transformed into tangible customer insights.”

Eyeota’s Cohort Onboarding harnesses a company’s first-party data and transforms it into a privacy-centric and consumer-friendly format that will allow those using Selling Simplified’s B2B digital audiences to reach new customers, enhance marketing analytics, deepen insights and boost omnichannel campaign performance.

“Working with Eyeota has bolstered our international expansion in a way that is both data safe and painless,” said Thomas Koletas, chief growth officer at Selling Simplified. “With global reach and data democratisation being core values of ours at SSG, our partnership with Eyeota and their proprietary, GDPR-compliant onboarding methodology further enables us to make demand gen solutions available in global markets that many providers are unable to service.”

Leveraging Eyeota’s proprietary propensity model methodology, customer insights such as geolocation and demographic profiles, matched with privacy-safe online IDs profiles, are delivered to users as packaged digital audiences to the platform of their choice for their marketing and advertising efforts.

Full details about Eyeota’s Cohort Onboarding can be found here.