Smart AdServer Rebrands as Equativ

Today (June 8th 2022), global ad tech company, Smart AdServer, has re-launched its global presence in 14 countries under the new name, Equativ. This follows the company’s acquisitions of DynAdmic and LiquidM, with the companies now consolidated under the Equativ brand.

Equativ will capitalise on this unified expertise to fulfil the promise of advertising technology; offering a comprehensive and vertically integrated advertising and monetisation solution to both supply and demand-side clients.

The Equativ name reinforces the equal way in which the company treats clients; promoting openness, fairness, and accountability within the industry. Equativ facilitates direct interaction between buyers and sellers while offering a less complex, more transparent, and efficient advertising journey that benefits the entire value chain.

Founded in 2006 within a digital media publisher, Smart became independent in 2015 and has flourished as a global, highly profitable business with 3-fold net revenue growth over the past three years from €31m (£26.5m) in 2019 to €100m (£85.4m) expected in 2022. The company now operates in 14 countries with close to 500 employees in fully integrated teams collaborating hand-in-hand to provide clients access to best-in-class technologies, expertise, and market opportunities.

The continued growth coincides with the company’s vertical integration strategy - moving from a supply-oriented platform to a comprehensive, global solution with the development of its demand and CTV offerings. Equativ remains committed to supporting the open web by offering the digital advertising ecosystem a scaled, independent alternative to monopolistic walled-garden platforms.

“The Equativ brand represents the true integration of our teams under a single unified entity,” said Arnaud Créput, Equativ’s CEO. “This evolution answers the open web’s need for an efficient marketplace where both supply and demand coexist and interact end to end on our platform while respecting the consumer. We provide the industry with a complete range of tools and expertise to take back control of their advertising activities while ensuring transparency, privacy, first-party data activation, better reporting, performance and cost-efficiency. That’s been the promise of advertising technology from the early days. Equativ is dedicated to fulfilling that promise.”

Créput added, “In this mature, crowded sector dominated by two or three platforms, the opportunity for Equativ becomes even brighter. We know from experience that the global marketplace is hungry for trusted, independent, innovative partners; our own research reveals a significant shift in power is taking place. As publishers, agencies and advertisers continue to move away from the likes of Google and Facebook, we aim to serve the public good as an independent client partner and alternative to the industry’s giants.”


Equativ is the new single name for Smart Adserver, DynAdmic, and LiquidM — three proven innovators in advertising technology. The vertically integrated company provides brand and privacy-safe solutions that empower its clients to achieve maximum im...
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