• GDC Day Two Roundup: Google Enters Gaming Market with Stadia

    Google has made its move on gaming with the announcement of streaming platform Stadia.  The news came on the second day of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco; and it surely stands as one of the most significant gaming reveals [...]

  • Mobile eSports as a Tool to Aquire & Retain: A Primer

    You don't need to be a devoted games industry observer to have noticed something of the recent rise of eSports. Organised competitive gaming has been around along time, of course. eSports' nascent form was forged in the earliest arcade gaming tournaments [...]

  • How Brands Are Benefitting from Esports – Q&A with Minute Media

    Once considered TV’s last safe bastion, the world of live sports is facing disruption. Ratings have dropped, subscriptions have fallen, and digital platforms continue to take an increasing share of eyeballs. Confronted with an ageing demographic, it’s no surprise rights [...]

  • Fortnite Perfects In-Game Purchases as Yearly Revenue Hits USD$3bn

    Fortnite is the break-out gaming success of the year. It has currently got 45 million users playing the game (across platforms) and has a run rate of around USD$3bn (£2.3bn) per year. The game has barely touched the sides in [...]

  • Now & Next: eSports

    Which event had more people watching live in the stadium in 2017? The Superbowl? The FA Cup Final? Or the Intel Extreme Masters? Well, you might have guessed it (though you may never have heard of it) – it’s the [...]