Header Bidding

  • ATS SG 2017 Debates Threat of Consultancies & Working with Walled Data Access

    Amid increasing calls for transparency and changes in business models, there remains stoic confidence that media agencies still have a role to play and the need for brands to find alternatives when faced with restricted access to data.

    Discussions at ExchangeWire’s annual ATS Singapore conference this week revolved how relationships between technology, brands, publishers, agencies, and vendors could be improved to drive programmatic development in the region.

    Dushyant Sapre, Criteo’s Asia-Pacific regional director for global supply and business development, noted [...]

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  • We Don’t Take 3rd-Party Fees from Publishers for Impressions We Buy: Q&A with Marc Grabowski, Criteo

    Last month (23 May, 2016) Criteo announced the launch of its new header bidding platform for publishers, Criteo Direct Bidder. Marc Grabowski, executive vice president, global supply and business development, Criteo speaks exclusively with ExchangeWire about how the new platform works and how it aims to leverage the new platform to drive higher publisher revenue. 

    ExchangeWire: How does Criteo’s new header bidding platform work?

    Marc Grabowski: Criteo Direct Bidder enables Criteo to buy impressions directly and transparently from a publisher.

    The solution is [...]

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  • APAC Agencies Must Be More Than Just Media Buyers

    Instead of simply buying media for marketers, agencies must offer guidance on whether their clients are ready to adopt programmatic and, if not, provide help on how to do so.

    This should include data strategy and operations setup, says Vincent Niou, Essence’s Asia-Pacific senior programmatic and partnerships director, who warns that agencies that fail to offer these services will provide opportunities for consulting firms to jump in.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Niou further explains how agencies can facilitate the development of [...]

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  • Hindsight is 20/20: Examining the Unintended Consequences of Containers

    The proliferation of header bidding sparked a need among publishers to adopt new technology to ease the technical load of managing these partners, or risk losing control of their revenue optimisation. At least, writes Jason Fairchild, CRO and co-founder, OpenX, this is what most publishers were led to believe as they began integrating one variety of containers or another to manage their programmatic revenue. Given the problems containers promise to solve, this evolution seems logical on the surface.

    But the [...]

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  • Mobile Header Bidding eCPMs Jumped 55% YOY

    Today (17 May), PubMatic have released their latest Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report, providing insight into the mobile advertising industry for both publishers and advertisers in Q1 2017. The report identified six key trends from activity in the last quarter, relating to header bidding; mobile video eCPMs; monetised mobile private marketplaces (PMPs); mobile web versus mobile app; Android share; and programmatic opportunity in mobile.

    1. Mobile channels highly conducive for header bidding

    With more than half of US digital ad [...]

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  • Header Bidding for Video Makes Sense: Q&A with Eric Hoffert, AppNexus

    Header bidding adoption has ramped up quickly over the last few years, but has yet to spread significantly to formats other than web display. AppNexus is one of the companies pushing to change that, having recently released a guide for publishers on using header bidding for one of their highest-performing formats: video. In this Q&A, ExchangeWire asks Eric Hoffert (pictured below), SVP video technology, AppNexus, for more insights.

    ExchangeWire: Why does header bidding make sense for video?

    Eric Hoffert: Advertisers know that video is [...]

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  • APAC Publishers Gain Control with Header Bidding, but Must Mind the Pitfalls

    Header bidding offers publishers in Asia-Pacific the ability to regain control over ad-decisioning and enables them to provide access to scaled programmatic inventory. There are, however, challenges unique to certain markets in the region that publishers need to look out for. In this industry byliner, PubMatic’s Asia-Pacific director of marketing, Nigel Kwan (pictured below), explains what these are.

    Whilst it may seem to lurch from one existential crisis to another – spanning ad fraud, viewability, and walled gardens, to name a [...]

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  • How Server-to-Server Header Bidding Builds a Better Marketplace

    In the age of ad fraud and fake news, trust and transparency in the marketplace are more important than ever. Nigel Gilbert, VP Strategic Development EMEA, AppNexus (pictured below) argues for moving header bidding server-side, as it helps building trustful relationships between buyers and sellers.

    The News Media Association (NMA) recently called on Google to take action to combat the spread of fake news and the “chronic lack of transparency” in digital advertising. The move by the NMA reflects the growing [...]

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  • Browser-Side Vs Server-Side Header Bidding: How Does a Publisher Decide?

    In the latest column from the IAB’s Display Trading Council, Michelle Raubenheimer (pictured below), director, business development, PulsePoint, along with co-authors James Prudhomme, managing director EMEA, Index Exchange, and Emma Newman, country manager, UK, PubMatic, clarifies the difference between client-side and server-side auctions and how publishers can decide which header bidding option is right for them, once they’re committed to it.

    Despite recent industry coverage on server-to-server integrations, exemplified by the news of collaboration between AppNexus and Index Exchange, many unexplained questions [...]

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  • Getting Ahead of the Game: Why & How Publishers Should Use Header Bidding

    The top priority for publishers today is maximising revenue from their ad inventory. Techniques such as header bidding are making this possible; and while the concept itself isn’t brand new, adoption is on the rise as more publishers begin to realise its monetary potential and value, writes Nilesh Dhawale, senior product manager, RhythmOne.

    Take The Telegraph as an example. The publisher has recently announced plans to quadruple their programmatic staff count, thanks to the success of header [...]

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