• Mixed News on CPA Shifting 2019 Gaming Monetisation Strategy

    A report released by Liftoff and Leanplum on the state of mobile app marketing suggests that app marketers are coming under increased pressure to improve 'deep-funnel interactions', specifically around usage and in-app purchases. While CPA has dropped around installations and usage, the [...]

  • Grabbing Gamers & Gaining Visibility with Rewarded Video

    Awareness campaigns are a critical tool for new and established brands alike. The focus of these campaigns isn’t immediate click throughs and conversions; instead, it is on building brand recognition and consumer retention. Traditional awareness campaigns might include TV advertising [...]

  • Playable Ads Need Emphasis on Creative & Technical Design: Q&A with Jeff Marshall, CrossInstall

    Arguably, one of the most crucial aspects of performance advertising for in-app gaming is creative. From leveraging the correct ad format – depending on your user acquisition, retention, and reactivation strategies – to multivariate testing of creative across those different [...]

  • Rewarded Video Is the Best-Performing Format in Gaming: Q&A with Simon Spaull, AppLovin

    TheGamingEconomy visited Casual Connect Europe this week, where we interviewed Simon Spaull, managing director, EMEA, AppLovin, about the challenges and opportunities of in-app monetisation for gaming developers both big and small. TheGamingEconomy: How do independent mobile gaming developers gain traction in [...]