• What Is a 'Next Generation Agency'? Q&A with Andy Cocker & Martin Kelly, Infectious Media

    A ‘Next Generation Agency’ epitomises the changing face of the agency model. Agile, lean, independent, with proprietary technology, that doesn’t necessarily fit the ‘agency’ label. Infectious Media are the embodiment of this model. ExchangeWire meet with Andy Cocker, co-founder & COO, and Martin Kelly, co-founder & CEO, Infectious Media (both pictured) to uncover the secrets to their success.

    Martin Kelly and Andy Cocker founded Infectious Media in 2008, having both come from different sides of the industry. Cocker hails from [...]

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  • Xaxis EMEA CEO Caspar Schlickum Appointed as CEO of Wunderman APAC

    Today (5 July), Wunderman have announced that Caspar Schlickum (pictured), the current CEO of Xaxis EMEA, will be joining Wunderman as CEO of the APAC region. 

    Wunderman, the WPP-owned global digital agency, are bringing in Schlickum to oversee their Asia-Pacific operations, which encompasses 1,000 people across 28 offices in 14 countries, responsible for developing and expanding the agency’s offering and role, with an emphasis on digital data-driven marketing.

    Schlickum will be joining Wunderman in September; maintaining his position at the helm at Xaxis, [...]

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  • New Facebook Algorithm Negative for Publishers; Amazon Open UK Data Centre Despite Brexit

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Facebook algorithm change shifts focus away from publisher content; Amazon to open UK data centre despite Brexit; Havas launches global OOH & location network; PopJam reaches 30% of UK 8-12 year-olds; SpotX opens new Swedish office; and Blis unveils location private marketplace.  

    Facebook algorithm change to shift focus away from publisher content

    Facebook have recently announced that they are planning to make some changes [...]

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  • Programmatic, a Buying Mechanism, Not a Media Channel: Duane Thompson, Head of Programmatic, Total Media

    The growing importance of programmatic as an effective route to delivering audience-led strategies across all media leads to a need for the right infrastructure. Following his recent appointment as head of programmatic at Total Media, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Duane Thompson (pictured below) on his second day in his new role, about what programmatic means in a media agency environment.

    Thompson’s background is programmatic, data and technology, where he most recently spent three years on the supply-side at IDG UK, so [...]

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  • How Programmatic Can Empower the Squeezed Middle

    The squeezed middle: mid-sized agencies looking to retain a position of strength in a challenging environment. How are they standing up against the increasing competition from larger agencies in an increasingly fragmented marketplace? ExchangeWire speak with Chris Le May (pictured below), managing director, EMEA and emerging markets, DataXu, who explains how mid-sized agencies are reinventing themselves with programmatic at their core.

    In last month’s budget, the country’s ‘squeezed middle’ were treated to a £500 tax cut and were reversed out of [...]

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  • ISBA Not Collaborative in Call for Transparency with Latest Agency Contract Launch

    On 28 April ISBA (Incorporated Society of British Advertisers) weighed in on the advertiser/agency relationship with the launch of new contract terms for media agency services to promote transparency and update the previous template that was launched almost ten years ago. 

    ISBA cites the importance, now more than ever, for advertisers to have a clear, strong, and transparent contract with their media agency. It seems a fitting time for ISBA to launch the updated contract. The industry is unrecognisable now, [...]

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  • Helping to Dispel the Misnomer of the Ad Tech Tax

    On 24 March the IAB announced the release of the IAB Programmatic Free Transparency Calculator to allow for charges of programmatic ad technology services during a bid request or response to be broken down, providing greater transparency.

    Transparency is a sore point across the ecosystem and those accused of not being transparent are by proxy assumed to be involved in less-than-rosy practices. However, with a media buy consisting of so many layers – from data, targeting, bid evaluation and even [...]

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  • Are STEM Graduates a Good Match for Ad Agencies?

    The role of an agency media planner and buyer is going through an evolution. Deals over the phone and signed IOs are shifting to big data, predictive modelling, and real-time bidding. As a result, the typical agency hires are required to diversify to ensure they can not only keep up with, but also lead the charge in this changing environment. 

    The IPA have recently launched an admission programme designed to address this shift, offering paid internships to STEM (science, technology, engineering, [...]

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  • Transparency Driving Shift in Agency Models: Q&A with Alan Osetek, Global CEO, Digilant

    The agency trading model is constantly evolving; and that’s never more apparent than to those on the outside, who are tasked with developing sustainable partnerships with the agencies as they continue on their journey. Alan Osetek (pictured below), the newly appointed global CEO of Digilant, with a wealth of experience on both sides of the fence, speaks with ExchangeWire about the future of the agency trading model.

    ExchangeWire: Digilant has a long history of working closely with agencies. How does it [...]

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  • The Rise of the Digital Consultant

    You only need to look at the ever popularly referenced LumaScapes to understand why a whole new industry of digital consultants has established itself in the last 18 months. The proliferation of technology in a rapidly evolving digital landscape has paved the way for specialists able to help clients navigate their way through the confusion and clutter. Adele Wieser (pictured below), founding partner, CoLab Media Consulting, speaks to ExchangeWire about the rising popularity of consultancy and how it is spanning [...]

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