In the run upto our Mobile Sessions event in February, we invited StikeAd CTO, Mike Dewhirst, for this week’s TraderTalk TV. Mike gives us a deep dive into mobile retargeting and how you would execute data-driven buys across multi-devices, including Apple. This goes into extensive detail about the process of mobile targeting and tracking. If you want to learn about how a typical data-driven mobile campaign works, then you need to watch this episode.



  • Wayne Blodwell

    Excellent piece guys. Only question I had was on expiration of mobile cookies. How long are you able to set cookies on a users device for? It was my understanding that certain OS’s only allow session based cookies rather than lifetime? I may have been misinformed (there is obviously a lot of erroneous points on mobile tracking out there).

  • bernard lavilliers

    Tu parles des cookies de ta mère, il ne dure jamais bien longtemps ?

  • Gavin Deadman

    Thanks Mike, as around 80% of mobile ads are in app, the in app device ID remarketing sounds most interesting especially if you can remarket everyone who has installed your competitor app.