• Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale Discusses How Publishers Can Manage Multiple Header-Bidding Vendors

    With the growth in header bidding, and the growing number of ‘header’ solutions on the market, publishers are effectively drowning in JavaScript.

    How can they manage multiple header-bidding vendors, and ensure increased yield?

    Here Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale outlines various options to manage this complexity, specifically mediation and the wrapper container tag options.

    Key areas covered in this episode include:

    – The key differences between a ‘mediation’ and a ‘wrapper’ container tag – The dynamics of the auction process between ‘mediation’ and ‘wrapper’ option – [...]

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  • A Review Of the Ad Tech Year

    Earlier this year, ExchangeWire hosted ATS New York. The day started with a fireside chat between ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane and Michael Rubenstein, president, AppNexus. The discussion focussed on the future of independent ad tech companies, how publishers are fighting back against media giants and how on earth we ended up with ad blockers being commonplace.

    Consolidation is driving change in the ad tech industry. Certainly in the US, VC companies are not investing in new ad tech companies the way [...]

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  • OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan Discusses Publisher Yield Management Strategy

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode we feature a conversation with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO, that took place at the recent ATS New York event.

    In an extensive fireside chat with ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, Cadogan covers a wide variety of areas effecting the supply-side – everything from header bidding right through to holistic yield management.

    Some of the key areas discussed in this week’s TraderTalkTV includes:

    – Open versus closed optimisation strategy – Applying holistic yield management to the pub stack – How publishers are [...]

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  • Leveraging Tech & Data: How Auto Trader Made Transformation From Print to Digital

    Auto Trader was founded in 1977, the magazine was published weekly in a number of regional editions. Circulation peaked at 368,000 in January 2000, dropping to an average of 87,000 copies a week in 2012, and down to 27,000 in March 2013. In June 2013, after 36 years, the final editions of the printed magazine were published, with the company concentrating on its online business.

    Today, Auto Trader is the number one online marketplace for car buyers in the UK, with [...]

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  • TraderTalk TV Cannes Special: OpenX on Open & Closed Trading Environments

    In this special edition of TraderTalk TV recorded at this week’s Cannes Lions festival,Scott Braley, OpenX, SVP, debates open and closed media trading environments with ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane.

    During the discourse of the conversation they discuss:

    – The advent of private marketplaces (PMPs) – OpenX’s efforts to ensure it deals with the highest quality of inventory on its marketplace – Holistic yield management for publishers

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  • TraderTalkTV Live: Marketplace Quality in Programmatic Advertising

    In this special edition of TraderTalkTV our live panel discuss the issues raised in ExchangeWire Research’s report “Perceptions, implications and the future of online marketplace quality in programmatic advertising”.

    The panel is moderated by Ciaran O’Kane, ExchangeWire CEO, the panelists are:

    Caspar Schlickum, CEO, Xaxis EMEA Andrew Buckman, MD UK, OpenX Tom Bowman, SVP Sales Operations, BBC Worldwide Niall Hogan, MD UK, Integral Ad Science Nick Graham, Global Digital Director, Huawei Technologies

    Discussions include:

    – Moving beyond the sensationalism of ad fraud – Benefits and limitations [...]

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  • Rubicon Project's Jay Stevens Explains How XAPI Helps Ad Servers With Holistic Yield Management

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV, Rubicon Project International GM, Jay Stevens gives us a walkthrough of the XAPI offering.

    XAPI looks to work with regional and global ad server solution providers to help them with holistic yield management, giving publishers access to programmatic demand.

    Google has its “dynamic allocation” offering where it allows publishers to yield manage Google’s programmatic demand (AdX), thirty-party demand and its own direct-demand across all available supply.

    Google’s DFP remains the premier in mature markets, but its footprint is not [...]

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  • Mikko Kotila Discuss the Ad Fraud Ecosystem & What the Industry Can Do to Address the Problem

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV, Mikko Kotila – author of the recent WFA report on best practices for brands buying in programmatic – discusses in detail how ad fraud works in the digital ad ecosystem.

    In a lengthy episode, Kotila covers a number of key areas:

    – How fraudsters can set up sites in a matter of minutes, generating fake traffic through bots – How easy it is for bots to infect user machines through the ad ecosystem – The type of bots fraudsters [...]

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  • How Publishers Can Leverage Real-Time Intent In Display

    Jonathan Mendez, Yieldbot CEO, is a veteran of the search business. Having spent much of his career helping brands optimise landing pages, Mendez is now applying that specific experience to display.

    Here in a special New York edition of #TraderTalkTV, he talks through how Yieldbot helps publishers leverage real-time intent on their own sites to deliver highly targeted ads.

    In a deep dive on the Yieldbot product, Mendez explains how the company’s tech [...]

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  • How Automation Reduces Friction And Boosts Effectiveness When Selling Guaranteed Inventory

    In the light of Rubicon’s latest acquisitions, this week’s TraderTalk is a timely overview of automating premium inventory sales.

    Joss Wexler, Head of Buyer Cloud at Rubicon Project, this week discusses the concept of automation around guaranteed premium inventory – and the mechanics of how the process would work.

    It’s likely the Rubicon Project’s recent acquisitions will accelerate its plans to enable publishers to sell this premium inventory programmatically.

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