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  • PubMatic President Kirk McDonald Talks Supply-Side Evolution

    In a special edition of TraderTalk TV coming from the Clear Channel Playground in Cannes, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Kirk McDonald, president, PubMatic about the changing supply side.

    McDonald discusses:

    – How publishers regain control of yield, inventory management, and ad decisioning

    – How the supply side is tackling transparency and the ad tech tax

    – PubMatic’s history and future with header bidding technology

    – How header bidding technology has benefited publishers and their ability to optimise yield

    – Why server-side header technology has [...]

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  • IPONWEB's Martin Hill Discusses the Future of Publishers

    In a special edition of TraderTalk TV, coming from the Cannes Lions festival, Martin Hill, director of solutions engineering, IPONWEB, talks about the challenges facing publishers and how the future is evolving for them.

    Hill discusses:

     – The key challenges facing publishers today

     – How auction dynamics are impacting publishers

     – The evolving role of the ad server and the SSP and how they will impact publishers’ future

     – The support publishers need from the industry

     – The dynamics of premium [...]

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  • A Futures Exchange for Digital Advertising: Q&A with Lou Severine & Richard Bush, NYIAX

    In a special episode of TraderTalk TV, coming from New York City, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Lou Severine, CEO, and Richard Bush, chief product and technology officer, of NYIAX (New York Interactive Advertising Exchange) – a new exchange combining financial trading and advertising technology in one platform. Developed in partnership with Nasdaq, the platform will help advertisers and publishers buy, sell, and re-trade premium inventory.

    In this episode you will hear:

    – Why advertising needs a futures exchange, including the [...]

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  • OpenX's Caleb Sotelo on Bringing Back Control & Visibility to Publishers

    At ExchangeWire Live NYC on 22 March, Caleb Sotelo, director of labs and staff engineer at OpenX, took to the stage to deliver a keynote speech on how OpenX are looking to bring back control and visibility to publishers.

    If you haven’t heard of it, OpenX Labs has the sole purpose of creating innovative products in ad technology. Sotelo walked the audience through their latest project; the Ad Footprint Chrome extension, explaining why the Labs team designed it, how publishers [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - The Rise of The Data-driven Publisher

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane moderated a panel discussion on the topic of the rise of the data-driven publisher between Sara Livingston, VP, Digital Strategy, Turner, Mike Finnegan, VP, Programmatic & Product Innovation, Live Nation Entertainment, and Felix Zeng, Director of Business Development – Programmatic Sales, The Weather Channel.

    The panel discussion covers:

    – The common data mistakes made by publishers

    – What skill sets publishers require to hone their data strategies

    – How publishers can work together to [...]

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  • How Can Ad Tech Save the Publisher? ATS London 2016 Panel

    Join Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire, as she moderates an incendiary panel at ATS London 2016 with panelists Adnan Ebrahim, founder and CEO, Car Throttle; Amir Malik, programmatic director, Trinity Mirror; Andrew Casale, president and CEO, Index Exchange; and Neal Richter, CTO, Rubicon Project. How can ad tech save the publisher?

    Key points from the panel discussion include:

    – How ad tech is being sold to publishers and how they navigate this

    – The publisher opinion on PMPs and the resulting [...]

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  • Programmatic TV, OOH & Audio – with IPONWEB

    In the second instalment of IPONWEB’s Cannes story Brian Golbere, general manager, emerging technology, IPONWEB, tells Ciaran O’Kane, CEO ExchangeWire how TV, out of home (OOH), and audio media owners are transforming themselves into audience-based, programmatic media sellers, and how these changes are shaking up media buying for good.

    The dynamic duo discuss the commonly misunderstood concept that TV has always been data-driven, but now there is more data and it’s audience-based rather than ratings figures. This new data is driving changes [...]

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  • Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale Discusses How Publishers Can Manage Multiple Header-Bidding Vendors

    With the growth in header bidding, and the growing number of ‘header’ solutions on the market, publishers are effectively drowning in JavaScript.

    How can they manage multiple header-bidding vendors, and ensure increased yield?

    Here Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale outlines various options to manage this complexity, specifically mediation and the wrapper container tag options.

    Key areas covered in this episode include:

    – The key differences between a ‘mediation’ and a ‘wrapper’ container tag – The dynamics of the auction process between ‘mediation’ and ‘wrapper’ option – [...]

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  • A Review Of the Ad Tech Year

    Earlier this year, ExchangeWire hosted ATS New York. The day started with a fireside chat between ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane and Michael Rubenstein, president, AppNexus. The discussion focussed on the future of independent ad tech companies, how publishers are fighting back against media giants and how on earth we ended up with ad blockers being commonplace.

    Consolidation is driving change in the ad tech industry. Certainly in the US, VC companies are not investing in new ad tech companies the way [...]

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  • OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan Discusses Publisher Yield Management Strategy

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode we feature a conversation with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO, that took place at the recent ATS New York event.

    In an extensive fireside chat with ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, Cadogan covers a wide variety of areas effecting the supply-side – everything from header bidding right through to holistic yield management.

    Some of the key areas discussed in this week’s TraderTalkTV includes:

    – Open versus closed optimisation strategy – Applying holistic yield management to the pub stack – How publishers are [...]

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