In this latest VoxPop, Evelina Lye, co-founder of UNTAM3D and head of marketing for creators and media, APAC at Meta, joins ExchangeWire's John Still to discuss the practical use cases for web3 and the current barriers to entry to the space.

In this session, Lye explores:

  • How brands and advertisers are already experimenting with new technology, such as augmented reality, in "web2.5."
  • Entry points to the metaverse and how brands are already getting involved in the space.
  • The current challenges that are inhibiting the adoption of web3 technology and how to lower the barriers to entry.
  • How the web3 space is becoming more inclusive and how the development of web3 could be an opportunity for a more equitable industry.
  • How perceptions towards and appetites for web3 technologies differ across regions.
  • How web3 technologies and AI can be a force for good.