• The Stack: Disney Leaves the Metaverse, Should AI Slow Down?

    This week: Disney shutters its metaverse unit after a year, AI and tech experts call for a pause in development... Do AI developers need to push the pause button? An open letter, co-signed by Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and more than [...]

  • Disney Pulls Plug on the Metaverse; AOP Calls out Publisher Data Misuse

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Disney shutters its metaverse unit; the AOP takes a stand against "unscrupulous" tech vendors' use of publisher data; and Gopuff relies on rivals firms to help with deliveries. Disney closes metaverse unit Walt Disney Co. has shuttered [...]

  • Yahoo Lifts the Lid on the Largest Consumer Research in APAC & the Distinct Differences Between Gen Z & Millennials

    Who makes up APAC’s Metaverse Generation and what do marketers need to know about them? New research released by Yahoo today (March 13th, 2023) uncovers crucial insights on what consumers in APAC want from the metaverse. The Yahoo metaverse APAC survey, [...]

  • Japanese Firms Partner to Develop Web3 Infrastructure; Breton Denies EU Favours Telcos over Big Tech 

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: major Japanese companies to collaborate on Web3 infrastructure; EU chief Breton denies favouring telcos over Big Tech; and the Canadian government becomes the latest to ban staff from using the TikTok app. Fujitsu, Mitsubishi to collaborate [...]

  • Supreme Court Case Threatens to Overhaul Online Advertising; TikTok to Build Two New Data Centres in Europe

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Supreme Court case Gonzalez v. Google could reshape the online advertising industry; TikTok commits to building new data centres in Europe to dodge security concerns; and gaming giant Tencent retreats from metaverse development. Gonzalez v. Google [...]

  • What Web3 means for e-commerce

    While discussions of the metaverse often centre around future-gazing, virtual reality is already making waves in e-commerce. The metaverse market is expected to grow in excess of USD$60bn (~£48.3bn) by 2026 and big name brands have already made ventured into [...]

  • Blockchain, the Metaverse, NFTs: Making Web3 Work

    In association with Alkimi Exchange While Web3 is on the horizon (if not already upon us), uncertainty about the value of some elements of this new phase of the internet remains. Technologies, including blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse, have emerged to [...]

  • Is Web3 the next phase of the internet - or just a phase?

    Discussions around Web3 have really picked up pace. Whether it's just dipping their toes in blockchain, or taking the plunge into the metaverse, many brands and advertisers have started to take the opportunities seriously. The medium’s most ardent supporters tout [...]

  • Defining the Metaverse

    In association with Alkimi Exchange The Metaverse has become firmly cemented into public consciousness – it was ranked second in the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2022 Word of The Year. But what actually is it? Does it even exist yet? And is [...]

  • Where in the World is Web3?

    Touted by some as the next stage of the internet, Web3 is a hot topic across ad tech and beyond. The integration of Web3 technology into the world wide web is already making plenty of headway: in 2021, the Global [...]