MGID launches Smart Widget for Accelerated Mobile Pages


MGID, a global pioneer in native advertising, has announced that its Smart Widget technology is now available to integrate into accelerated mobile pages (AMP). As the first platform to offer a resizable AMP feed to publishers, the move serves a strong marketplace demand, with 31 million domains using the fast loading pages, and publisher revenue per day on AMP up three-times from 2018.

Smart Widget is an all-in-one solution for publishers enabling them to control content monetisation, by ensuring ads are placed in front of targeted consumers, without irritating them. Smart Widget is powered by MGID’s patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, which creates combinations of advertorial formats to achieve publisher goals, looking at monetisation, user engagement and new visitor acquisition.

The widget analyses online user activity – what they are reading, browsing and clicking on – and displays the optimal combination of paid and organic content, which drives higher click through rates (CTR) and increases the time consumers spend on publishers’ websites.

With 40% of users abandoning a webpage taking more than three seconds to load, slow mobile page speed can cause publishers to lose a large proportion of their audience. MGID’s AMP Widget, which offers the same functionality as the regular Smart Widget, allows publishers to serve intelligently targeted ads quickly and efficiently, gaining another revenue stream without disrupting user experience. Additionally, MGID’s Smart Widget is compliant with AMP code, so it does not affect search results.

Introduced in 2015, AMP optimises the process of cell-phone browsing by cutting down HTML, heavy JavaScript and other unnecessary content that can cause mobile page lag. Consequently, these stripped back mobile pages offer greatly decreased loading time, delivering content and ads to mobile users much faster than regular pages, and on average, increasing conversions by 20%.

Sergii Denysenko, Chief Executive Officer at MGID Global, commented on the move: “With mobile accounting for 62% of all web traffic in Asia, the AMP Smart Widget will allow publishers to capture and target mobile users even more effectively and quickly, offering them a superior user experience. This is a very exciting time for MGID and we look forward to seeing our clients benefit from this innovative tool.”


MGID is a global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments.
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