Toplitz Productions Signs Exclusive Partnership with Anzu.io

The in-game advertising platform Anzu.io today announced it has signed an exclusive partnership to bring in-game ads to video game publisher Toplitz Productions. The two-year contract allows Toplitz Productions to integrate selected games across all platforms, making their games accessible to Anzu’s biggest advertisers worldwide through their advanced in-game advertising solution.

Video games market is expected to reach a worth of over USD$90bn (£69.6bn) by 2020, but the lack of native solutions and restrictive, hard-coded ads have previously kept developers away. Anzu’s innovative technology allows game developers to dynamically serve programmatic ads, enabling them to open up their games to top-line brands and display real-world ads without infringing the playing experience. Recently, Anzu also announced its inclusion in the Xbox Tools and Middleware Program, becoming the only company currently licensed to provide in-game advertising services for Xbox One development. With Anzu’s cross-platform lightweight SDK, and a flexible business model, game studios like Toplitz are empowered to monetize the same users in a completely new authentic way.

A developer and publisher of video games, Toplitz Productions is known for their multi-platform games across genres. Its title Farmer's Dynasty recently made it to the PCGamesN list of "Best farming and agricultural games on PC." Toplitz will integrate five of its prominent games — Football, Tactics and Glory, Mad Games Tycoon, Mad Tower Tycoon, Police Chase, and Animal Doctor — exclusively with Anzu. The collaboration will enable advertisers to reach Toplitz’s audience worldwide on mobile PC and console with dynamic in-game video and banner ads.

“Anzu is here to expand advertising to Console and PC in a scalable and authentic manner through our innovative technology. We are striving to bring a new wave of in-game advertising to the industry, and enable more games to open an additional monetization channel. We are excited to partner with Toplitz, who are at the forefront of bringing innovation to the gaming market. And we look forward to the opportunity to deliver excellence with Anzu’s solid tech and top-notch advertisers to their games,” said Itamar Benedy, Anzu’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“As a new-age publisher, we are aware of how the modern gamer is consuming content and what kind of experience they expect from today’s games. Anzu presents limitless advertising opportunities for us to bring premium brands to our games. By opening our games to in-game advertising we are able to offer new kinds of experiences to our gamers,” said Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development, Toplitz Productions.

Anzu is backed up by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, WPP and Axel Springer Digital Ventures, that gives publishers a unique opportunity to connect with the biggest brand advertisers. The company brings strategic excellence to its clients with its stellar leadership and advisory board, including the recent hiring of gaming veteran Guy Ben-dov. Anzu is also the first to bring ad verification for in-game PC and Console advertising launched with Cheq, to promote security and trust and to ensure marketers pay only for viewable ads.