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Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the global technology company powering the world’s marketers with trusted and impactful advertising, today announced global availability of its marketing solution for traffic generation, which helps advertisers connect with new audiences to drive engagement and increased website traffic.

Previously in beta testing with over 750 clients, the Traffic Generation solution enables marketers to influence prospective users in high-intent moments as they research, compare and consider different brands. The launch expands Criteo’s portfolio beyond lower-funnel retargeting and includes over 300 in-market audiences that retailers and brands can tap into.

According to Criteo data, an average user will spend up to four weeks deciding on the right brand for their needs, and 73% of people are willing to consider a completely new brand during their decision-making process. Criteo now allows marketers to take advantage of this significant opportunity. With real-time, first-party data and Criteo’s renowned AI Engine, marketers can reach and engage with users at the precise moment that they are ready and willing to discover new brands.

Karsten Weide, Program Vice President, Media & Entertainment at IDC added: “There is a huge opportunity for programmatic vendors, but especially for those that are big in retargeting, such as Criteo, to branch out from performance marketing to upper-funnel brand campaigns designed to drive consideration. IDC estimates almost half of all digital ad spend in the US was brand-related in 2019, a USD$70bn (£54bn) potential of which large parts are untapped by vendors previously focused on direct-response advertising.”

Criteo’s Traffic Generation solution includes the following capabilities:

Multiple audience options:
– Similar Audiences allows marketers to find new lookalike audiences similar to those of prior campaigns.
– Commerce Audiences allows marketers to select from 300+ in-market audiences aggregated from Criteo’s first-party data.
– Custom Audiences allows marketers to re-engage with lapsed users to help re-surface their brand.

Similar and Custom Audiences is available worldwide and Commerce Audience is available in 20 countries.

Self-serve user interface: Using Criteo’s Management Center, marketers can activate their consideration campaigns and gain insights into brand results.

Optimised bidding: Using Criteo’s AI Engine, optimised on driving more quality traffic, marketers can rely on technology that pushes display ads at the precise moment a user is ready and willing to engage with the brand.

Creative layouts: Using Criteo’s interactive display formats that blend branding images and videos with personalised recommendations, marketers can grab their audience’s attention and drive more relevant interactions.

Clients are already starting to see strong results: “Since partnering with Criteo, we’ve generated 2x more traffic compared to any other vendor, and we’ve seen a 30% growth in business. Using Criteo’s lookalike AI, we’ve targeted new audiences at the top of the funnel and brought them to our site,” said Back Sung Ku, Manager of the Marketing Planning Division of Dholic Ladies, a fast-growing brand for women’s fashion. “Driving upper-funnel campaigns has helped us grow our brand. We are very impressed with the results.”

As Criteo continues to develop its solutions and align its technology to more marketing objectives, it intends to integrate new capabilities to provide more transparency, control and performance.

To learn more about how Criteo can help you achieve brand results, please visit: https://www.criteo.com/solutions/drive-traffic/.


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