Ipsos MMA & Adform Partner to Leverage First-Party Data for Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimisation

Ipsos MMA, a recognised leader in measuring and optimising advertiser marketing investments, has partnered with Adform, a global, independent, and fully integrated advertising platform, to bolster its unified marketing measurement and optimisation, leveraging Adform’s ID Fusion solution. 

This approach integrates first-party data signals across the digital media ecosystem to build consumer journeys without the need for third-party cookies. This unique partnership will help advertisers future-proof ad measurement while platforms are shifting their data sharing policies and privacy regulations are becoming more rigorous. 

The announcement comes as various ad platforms deprecate the third-party IDs within their log-level data, preventing brands from determining the effectiveness of their media campaigns in real-time at highly granular levels – such as audience, creative, or placement.

Many browsers and operating systems today do not allow for the generation of third-party cookies – and third-party cookies will eventually be phased out entirely. Advertisers and agency partners will not be permitted access to third-party cookie IDs. Without first or third-party measurement signals, advertisers cannot attribute specific media types to back-end key performance indicators like conversions. Adform uses a bespoke approach to track and stitch together first-party data to provide vital information for analytics and targeting.

“Incorporating Adform’s ID Fusion into our analytics data stack enables us to provide advertisers with quick, always-on, analytics on their digital and addressable buys. This data coupled with our unified marketing measurement approach, ensures that maximum coverage is achievable reducing data sparsity, a common issue impacting real-time marketing measurement today,” said Doug Brooks, EVP of strategic accounts at Ipsos MMA.

“The implications are clear; if you want true attribution, you need to work with transparent partners and provide true insight into media performance,” said John Piccone, Adform’s regional president, Americas. “This groundbreaking partnership allows advertisers to see how their hard-earned media budgets are performing and allows them to reallocate budget to increase return on ad spend.”

The partnership leverages Adform’s “ID Fusion” pioneering solution, allowing advertisers to solve for a third-party “cookie-less” future. ID Fusion has been implemented since 2020 and is used across many of Adform’s 25,000 clients. Earlier this year, the solution was also recognised by the industry as a powerful response to change after being awarded both The Drum and Campaign Tech Awards. The data from ID Fusion feeds into Ipsos MMA’s unified marketing measurement & optimisation platform, enabling marketers to cut through the noise that often dilutes effective media touchpoint and customer-level measurement. With this integration, advertisers can leverage unified marketing measurement to continue to attribute touch-points along the consumer journey and drive tactical changes to plans while in-flight to prioritise media channels, targeting tactics, creative versions, and audiences.

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