Captify to Track Environmental Impact of Online Ads Following Global Partnership with Good-Loop

Captify, the leading Search Intelligence Platform for the open web, today (June 8th, 2023) announced a global partnership with purpose-led ad platform Good-Loop that will allow advertisers to track and reduce the environmental impact of their online ad campaigns. 

The new collaboration will give Captify access to Good-Loop’s proprietary Green Media technology, enabling brands and agencies to accurately measure in real time the end-to-end carbon emissions generated by their digital ads.

Online ads contribute significantly to global CO2 emissions. A recent study from Purpose Disruptors found that advertising adds an extra 32% to an individual’s carbon footprint, with digital advertising responsible for a hefty chunk of those emissions. 

The average online ad campaign emits 5.4 tonnes of carbon (source: Good-Loop) – almost half what an average UK consumer and a third of what a US consumer produces in a year.

As well as being able to track the carbon footprint of its clients’ digital campaigns through a custom dashboard, the collaboration will also give Captify access to Good-Loop solutions designed to help advertisers reduce emissions.

Fiona Salmon, global VP of partnerships and sustainability lead, Captify, said: “Captify has recognised the magnitude of the emissions that the programmatic industry is creating and we are keen to be part of the solution. We are proud to be working with an industry leader in Good-Loop, but now comes the good part – working with our clients to move toward net-zero with offerings that measure and reduce emissions without sacrificing performance.”

Claire Gleeson-Landry, head of investment and sustainable media at Good-Loop, said: “I’m really excited to be partnering with Captify and helping them to deliver more carbon-efficient campaigns for their clients. Their commitment to decarbonisation and driving down emissions will help to create a more positive, sustainable ad ecosystem.”

Good-Loop created its suite of Green Media solutions to serve as an educational tool to help digital advertising become more energy-efficient in future campaigns. 

Its Green Ad Tag can measure the weight of files, and assess the publisher mix, buying strategies, failed bids and the full data transmission required to get a campaign from A (the ad server) to B (the user device) to determine how each element has a negative impact on the environment. 

The data is then collected by Good-Loop and displayed in a clear reporting dashboard, enabling brands and agencies to gain an accurate picture of how much C02e was released into the atmosphere as a result of serving each campaign.