Esportal Partners with Brand Metrics to Become First Gaming Platform to Offer Brand Lift Measurement

Esportal, a premier platform for competitive gaming, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Brand Metrics, marking a significant milestone in the gaming industry. As one of the first gaming platforms to integrate brand lift measurement into its ecosystem, Esportal continues to lead the way in advancing advertising standards within the competitive gaming landscape.

Anders Lithner, CEO of Brand Metrics, stated: "Esportal's distinctive approach to content and its unconventional commercial model set it apart from other Brand Metrics users. This partnership has required innovative thinking and has been an enriching experience. Gaming's unique dynamics, particularly the monetisation of tournament sponsorships rather than traditional display ads, make this collaboration exceptionally rewarding. We are thrilled to establish a robust partnership with Esportal."

By collaborating with Brand Metrics, Esportal is revolutionising campaign measurement in competitive gaming. This partnership empowers advertisers and agencies with actionable insights, demonstrating the effectiveness of their campaigns to a global audience of gaming enthusiasts.

“At Esportal, our community of gamers is at the heart of everything we do. Esportal is dedicated to offering the best possible experience for both gamers and advertisers, creating a unique space where people and brands meet in a way nowhere else to be found. 

“Gamers spend a big part of their spare time playing games on Esportal, interacting with a variety of sponsored events by both participation, viewing, and other types of engagement. By ensuring our advertising partners can measure the true impact of their campaigns, we are fostering a more engaging and mutually beneficial ecosystem for everyone involved. 

“With Brand Metrics, we are pioneering a new era where advertisers can clearly see the value of their investments and the influence they have on our passionate audience who spend time playing with their friends and interacting in sponsored events, offering our partners unparalleled insights into their campaign performance. 

“This partnership underscores our commitment to continuously develop new and interesting opportunities for our community together with our partners and our drive to continually elevate the standards of advertising within the gaming industry. 

“By integrating brand lift measurement, we provide our clients with actionable data that helps them connect more effectively with our dedicated gaming community,” says Felix Kaukiainen, head of marketing & operations at Esportal.

Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics is a game-changer for publishers, delivering brand lift data at true scale, simply, inexpensively, and without 3rd party cookies. Commercial teams can prove the effectiveness of many more campaigns and use their brand lift data to help ...
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