In this episode of TraderTalkTV, ExchangeWire's head of content, Lindsay Rowntree, is joined by Silverbullet's co-founder and chief strategy officer, Umberto Torrielli, to discuss how contextual intelligence, fuelled by first-party data, is the future.


In this episode Torrielli discusses:

- What the contextual targeting landscape currently looks like

- The role of contextual targeting in brand safety and brand suitability

- How contextual targeting should be viewed differently and how first-party data can enhance its capabilities in a cookieless world

- Going beyond text and using contextual targeting in video and audio

- How Silverbullet's 4D technology works and rethinking advertiser strategy around contextual targeting


Silverbullet Group, is a data and digital transformation company that delivers future-proofed solutions for a privacy-first, post-cookie era. The group's combination of technology and expert professional services encompasses first-party data strateg...
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