ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O'Kane, is joined by Kathleen Saxton, MediaLink's executive vice president and managing director EMEA, and Ian James, CEO, Silverbullet, to discuss the new marketing era on this MadTech Webcast episode.

During this session they discuss:
- How does the panel think COVID has shifted behaviour? Are these changes ingrained - or do people think most will snap back to old routines once we get back to normal in 2021?
- The digital marketing landscape has changed forever with the demise of third party cookies? How does the panel think this will change the way marketers look at digital marketing - particularly around targeting and measurement?
- The post-cookie era and how businesses can achieve the ‘Holy grail’ of data, content, context and programmatic.
- Sir Martin Sorrell and S4 Capital often talk about the “new hybrid of data, content and programmatic” – but what does this look like in practice? And in a world without cookies?