Epom Launches Powerful Revamped Version of Its DSP (4.7): Updated Bidding Rules, Bid Floor Price Optimiser & More

Epom is an ad tech company that designs products focused on meaningful advertising. One of its flagship products is Epom white-label DSP. In February 2021, the product reached a new milestone with the launch of version 4.7. The new release comes with several upgrades including a new bidding rules interface, a bid request validator, and a bunch of new optimisation tools. 

No product is perfect and the Epom DSP continues to evolve with the key principle that the client comes first. The focus of updating the DSP does not linger on trends, new technologies, or what other ad tech companies are doing, but on a customer-first approach. 

The 4.7 version of the Epom DSP has focused on building updates that clients need. Improving user interfaces was a major focus, along with creating a more customisable admin panel. The features that have been added have been requested by clients and will make in-house programmatic advertising management even simpler. 

Some of the major updates to the DSP include: 

Revamped bidding rules. Epom designed a more up-to-date and user-friendly interface for setting bidding rules. A new section called ‘Autopilot Logs’ also shows all actions that are automatically performed by bidding rules’ or bidding multiplier’s algorithms.

Bidding multiplier update: This update adds up three more dimensions to fine-tune bidding multipliers and make them more specific. When the user picks a specific website or a list of websites that they want to apply a bid multiplier to, they can now also customise this multiplier for each country, device, and time.

Bid floor price optimisation: It’s possible to auto-optimise the bid based on the price floor that was in a bid request coming from a supply-side platform from now on.

Bid request validator: Admins can validate bid requests to see errors that may make them invalid due to discrepancies between Epom DSP and SSP.

New creative type – interstitial: A new type of rich media ad format is now available. Interstitial ads are interactive full-screen banner ads that cover the entire interface of the page or tab a user is viewing.

Attribution links & custom tracking pixel: Advertisers can add up to three links for different events, tracked once the ad is shown to the user.

Custom roles for DSP users: The previous DSP version had only had two user roles–administrator and advertiser. Now the root user can create any role. All roles can be set custom permissions. 

Features for better UX: These include interface changes, new targeting types, new data export formats, filter updates, and more.

Dmitry Chebakov, product owner at Epom DSP: “We’re working on dozens of updates for our existing clients now, but they might be surely interesting for ad tech players beyond our family. 2021 will be a year of innovation for Epom DSP, with a major update of DSP 5.0 around the corner.”

These client-focused updates have smoothed out the interface and made it easier than ever to manage programmatic advertising in-house. The Epom DSP is available to try for 14 days free, during which you get access to the full platform functionality of the newest version available.


Epom is a family of ad tech products designed for meaningful advertising. Flagship platforms of the company are Epom ad server and Epom DSP, both available for purchase as white-label software. The strongest suit of Epom products is unlimited customi…
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