BidMind by Fiksu Releases a Full List of Key Updates to its Platform

The BidMind team has prepared a full list of all key updates implemented on their platform since its launch. The scope of updates includes geo-fencing, third-party audiences by Liveramp, IVT report, and a set of features helping customers to have a positive UX.

BidMind by Fiksu is a CTV brand-oriented DSP platform that was launched in summer 2020. Under constant development, it helps advertisers run efficient campaigns across CTV, mobile, and desktop, and offers them a wide range of reports and analytical interfaces to get the most out of their business. The company has outlined the following principal updates and functional capabilities:

  • Traffic Forecast

With this, marketers are able to see the estimated volume of available traffic, and its minimal price, so they can forecast the approximate results of their ad campaign, a vital component of campaign planning.


  • Third-Party Audiences by Liveramp

To power up targeting capabilities, BidMind has integrated an external high-quality DMP pool by LiveRamp. With this, platform users have a larger database of relevant audiences that can be precisely segmented by demographic, user behaviour, geography, purchasing power, retargeting data, among other identifying features.


  • Traffic Library

The BidMind platform collects historical data regarding auctions that help marketers to run efficient programmatic campaigns. To make the service more user-friendly, the platform segregates each business vertical so advertisers can instantly see minimal price and total volume of traffic as well as approximate reach volume — a total number of unique people who are expected to see an ad. With this, BidMind can offer granular targeting capabilities. The traffic library also contains public PMP deals provided by supply partners, which are usually curated to select the most wanted segments of traffic in terms of vertical, performance or audience. Finally, any PMP created by user is added to private storage inside the traffic library, providing possibility to store all the deals in one place


BidMind also has been working on improving customer experience:

  • Placement Loss Reasons Widget

BidMind now has a widget for specifying the reasons for ad placement loss in order to understand what setting adjustments users can make to participate in all desirable auctions and win impressions.


  • Performance Report

Internal analytical tools ensure that advertisers have access to real-time reports that they can use to fine-tune campaign settings on the go.


  • Entry threshold lowered.

The lowest possible minimal deposit of $100 lets clients test BidMind with any budget level before running global campaigns.


  • Optimisation of registration and interactive onboarding process

Quick and intuitive registration takes just a couple of clicks before a customer can get started. Customers can test the DSP platform functionality instantly and without scheduling a demo. BidMind’s Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to arrange comprehensive onboarding for its customers and go through the entire menu, settings and configurations and provide any additional consultancy regarding campaigns. Additionally, users can go through the interactive onboarding course at any time, which encompasses the entire platform workflow.


  • UI Improvements

The design of the platform now brings a smooth navigation experience and allows users to find all the necessary settings intuitively so they can tune and calibrate their campaigns quickly.


BidMind is an omnichannel programmatic advertising platform.
Its industry-leading targeting capabilities up to hyperlocal, demographic, and cross-device parameters enables to incremental reach. The platforms as well as launch and optimize performan...
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