• Focus on Click-Based Metrics Driving Ad Fraud in Asia

    Digital ad fraud continues to be a global problem, with brands increasingly concerned about bot clicks and the accuracy of traffic numbers. It does not help that Asia's ad tech industry still looks at clicks as the primary metrics, which [...]

  • APAC Advertisers Stuck in Ad Network Model

    While agencies may have moved on, some advertisers in Asia-Pacific have yet to transition from the ad network model and hold out-dated views about programmatic. Matt Harty, Asia-Pacific senior vice president of The Trade Desk, explains in this Q&A with [...]

  • Markup DSP Model Detrimental to China Ad Market

    Evolved out of traditional ad networks, most DSPs in China currently operate on a 'markup model' that is proving harmful to both advertisers and publishers. This typically involves low-tier inventory bought in bulk at low CPMs, and later sold to [...]

  • Ad Tech World Not Progressing Fast Enough on Mobile

    For one veteran of the mobile enterprise software industry, the ad tech world simply is not moving fast enough and remains bogged down by ineffective ad serving and management technology. Matthew Talbot, senior vice president for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), says he [...]

  • Southeast Asia Moves Towards Regional Exchanges as Traditional Ad Networks Lose Appeal

    Brands and agencies in Southeast Asia are limiting their exposure to ad networks due to the lack of transparency and opting to build their own trading or buying platforms. Regional publishers also are increasingly wary of working with technology giants [...]

  • Asian Marketers Not Getting Right Support from Industry

    An insufficient ad budget for a vast region, inadequate support from industry players, and a media buying system that has yet to resolve key issues its predecessor also had failed to address. These are the main challenges facing Starwood Hotels [...]

  • Private Marketplaces to Drive Half of APAC Programmatic Video

    Private marketplaces are fuelling programmatic media buying and this preference for dedicated, defined inventory trading is increasingly apparent in the Asia-Pacific region. According to SpotXchange, more than 40% of impressions sold through its programmatic platform were traded through private marketplaces; [...]

  • UK Ad Viewability Falls Below 50%; US Programmatic Spend Reaches Record $10.1bn

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire, head of research and analysis. In this week’s edition: UK ad viewability falls below 50%; US programmatic spend reaches [...]

  • How Germany Moves Out of the Programmatic Slow Lane

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things adtech, martech and programmatic. Germany has two conferences focused exclusively on programmatic – one of which is a joint venture between ExchangeWire and Adzine, for full disclosure. Both [...]

  • The Decline of the Ad Network?

    IAB figures released today (29 June) demonstrate the slow death of the traditional ad network business model, as automated media-buying technologies, and trading models, become increasingly popular with advertisers, and media-owners alike. Almost half (45%) of all online display ads are [...]