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  • APAC Advertisers Stuck in Ad Network Model

    While agencies may have moved on, some advertisers in Asia-Pacific have yet to transition from the ad network model and hold out-dated views about programmatic.

    Matt Harty, Asia-Pacific senior vice president of The Trade Desk, explains in this Q&A with ExchangeWire that these advertisers believe programmatic deals with remnant inventory and avoid tapping this platform for their media buys. He adds that such misconceptions sometimes are linked to demands for antiquated models such as CPC.

    Some ad tech vendors, too, look [...]

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  • Markup DSP Model Detrimental to China Ad Market

    Evolved out of traditional ad networks, most DSPs in China currently operate on a ‘markup model’ that is proving harmful to both advertisers and publishers.

    This typically involves low-tier inventory bought in bulk at low CPMs, and later sold to advertisers at a high markup price, explains ReachMax COO Charlie Wang. He urges brands in the local market to demand total transparency and ensure their trading desks have auditing functions, so this current landscape can be rectified.

    In this week’s [...]

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  • Ad Tech World Not Progressing Fast Enough on Mobile

    For one veteran of the mobile enterprise software industry, the ad tech world simply is not moving fast enough and remains bogged down by ineffective ad serving and management technology.

    Matthew Talbot, senior vice president for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), says he is stunned at the somewhat immaturity of ad technology for mobile in the Asia-Pacific region and has yet to see any robust tools available in the market today, compared to other tech industries.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Talbot also explains [...]

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  • Southeast Asia Moves Towards Regional Exchanges as Traditional Ad Networks Lose Appeal

    Brands and agencies in Southeast Asia are limiting their exposure to ad networks due to the lack of transparency and opting to build their own trading or buying platforms.

    Regional publishers also are increasingly wary of working with technology giants and want to address CPM degradation, pushing them to establish their own private marketplaces, according to Jordan Khoo, Sizmek’s Asia-Pacific vice president. He believes traditional ad networks are losing their appeal and expresses concerns about the conflict created by market [...]

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  • Asian Marketers Not Getting Right Support from Industry

    An insufficient ad budget for a vast region, inadequate support from industry players, and a media buying system that has yet to resolve key issues its predecessor also had failed to address.

    These are the main challenges facing Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Asia-Pacific senior director for digital marketing, Janice Chan, who spoke candidly in a phone interview with ExchangeWire, during which she discussed her experience with programmatic and as a marketer in this region.

    Some 50% of her digital marketing [...]

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  • Private Marketplaces to Drive Half of APAC Programmatic Video

    Private marketplaces are fuelling programmatic media buying and this preference for dedicated, defined inventory trading is increasingly apparent in the Asia-Pacific region.

    According to SpotXchange, more than 40% of impressions sold through its programmatic platform were traded through private marketplaces; adoption of which grew 112% in the first half of 2015, compared to the previous year. ExchangeWire posed some questions to SpotXchange Founder, CEO, and President Mike Shehan who elaborated on the appeal of private marketplaces and why they might [...]

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  • UK Ad Viewability Falls Below 50%; US Programmatic Spend Reaches Record $10.1bn

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire, head of research and analysis. In this week’s edition: UK ad viewability falls below 50%; US programmatic spend reaches record $10.1bn; UK agencies see programmatic native as major opportunity; and majority of Brits want BBC license fee scrapped.

    Ad viewability is declining in the UK

    In the UK, online ad viewability fell to 49% in Q2 2015, a 7% decline from [...]

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  • How Germany Moves Out of the Programmatic Slow Lane

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things adtech, martech and programmatic.

    Germany has two conferences focused exclusively on programmatic – one of which is a joint venture between ExchangeWire and Adzine, for full disclosure. Both have been going now for nearly five years. It’s quite incredible really given how slow the market has been in the area of automated buying and selling during that time, in Germany.

    The volumes of inventory being traded this way remain [...]

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  • The Decline of the Ad Network?

    IAB figures released today (29 June) demonstrate the slow death of the traditional ad network business model, as automated media-buying technologies, and trading models, become increasingly popular with advertisers, and media-owners alike.

    Almost half (45%) of all online display ads are bought using programmatic media-buying technologies, with the amount of budget spent nearing £1bn, according to IAB figures, which also show ad networks’ share of online display advertising is down to single figures (6%).

    The figures were published in the trade body’s [...]

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  • ExchangeWire Research Quizzes Marketplace Quality Attitudes; ADTRADER Berlin 2015

    In this week’s ExchangeWire Weekly European Roundup: ExchangeWire Research debut; ADTRADER Berlin; Cxense acquires Maxifier; Xaxis launches Light Reaction; Rubicon Project beds down in native.

    ExchangeWire Research debut

    The majority of marketers believe believe programmatic advertising adds value to their campaigns, but there remains underlying concerns about marketplace quality, according to ExchangeWire Research’s debut study.

    The study, which surveyed 183 senior advertising staff, revealed 94% of respondents believe programmatic advertising delivered value for money, with 65% claiming it does not [...]

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