In this latest episode of TraderTalk TV, Colette Munnelly, solutions engineer at Xandr, joins ExchangeWire’s Lindsay Rowntree to explore publisher first-party IDs as one of the long-term solutions to the identity challenge, and outline how they benefit buyers, publishers, and consumers alike.


In this session, Munnelly and Rowntree discuss:

- The difference between first-party cookies and third-party cookies to investigate a durable solution in preparation for the demise of the third-party cookie;

- Why it is vital that we put the consumer first in order to protect their privacy;

- What the long-term approach to the identity challenge for publishers and advertisers should be, how this fits with what’s already available in the ecosystem, and how Xandr’s flexibility will play a key role for customers; and

- The shift in relationships between publishers and buyers across the industry, and why these relationships will become even more important as the ecosystem loses the third-party cookie.