Will Freeman


Will Freeman is a freelance video game and technology journalist, having written for numerous specialist, consumer and industry publications for over a decade. You can find his work in The Guardian, The Observer, Vice, Edge, Eurogamer, IGN, Gamespot and many more. He has also carved a niche covering the technology, creativity and business of the games industry for an industry readership, previously serving as editor of Develop magazine, and contributing to websites including Gamesindustry.biz and PocketGamer.biz. He also works as a copywriter, event curator, script editor, researcher and consultant in the games industry, and has on numerous occasions stood as a judge on the BAFTA Games Awards, Tiga Awards and Develop Awards. Will is a devoted arcade gamer, and while he really is closing in on 40, he is a competitive yo-yoer and current UK yo-yo champion in his division.

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