Study from VDX.tv Finds Video Advertising More Effective Across Combination of CTV, Desktop & Mobile Devices


VDX.tv, a global advertising technology company transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences, has released a research study, “The Bigger Picture: Why Effective Video Advertising Requires a Synergy Across CTV, Desktop & Mobile Devices”, that illustrates how using video advertising across a combination of all three screens can drive greater lifts in brand awareness, purchase intent and other campaign KPIs, compared with using any of the devices alone.

During the study, conducted by research firm MediaScience, 480 participants were exposed to web pages, television content, or a combination of the two. The viewing experience was at participants’ own pace, in their own homes, using their own devices. Eight ad exposures, representing eight different brands, were embedded into the viewing experience for each treatment type. The ads featured eight different brands and varied in format based on the screen. On the CTV screen, audiences received a standard VDX in-stream ad. On desktop and mobile, the in-page VDX ad units provided an opt-in interactive experience that enabled viewers to explore additional content beyond the main video.

Post-viewing, participants were presented with a survey assessing ad effectiveness in categories such as awareness, brand opinion, and purchase intent. 445 variables were observed from each of the 480 participants who were surveyed.

The research found that on average, the addition of CTV to desktop and mobile drove a 149.6% lift in brand awareness versus desktop and mobile alone. Likewise adding CTV to desktop and mobile resulted in a 36.9% lift in brand opinion and a 24.8% lift in purchase intent.

“Different devices provide different ad experiences. CTV offers a lean-back, immersive experience, while desktop and mobile are exploratory and action-driven. Our research shows that brands need to connect with consumers across every screen to effectively engage them at each stage of the buying journey,” says Bryan Melmed, VP of insights services at VDX.tv.

Learn more about the study here.


VDX.tv is a global advertising technology company that is transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences in today’s converging video landscape. We create video-driven experiences that integrate a brand’s TV and digital messages and e...
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