Little Syster Recognises Smart's Commitment to Digital Responsibility

smart adserver

Smart, the independent ad monetisation platform, have become a major player in the global ad tech industry over the last 20 years. The desire to promote a healthier, more transparent industry in terms of data collection, management, and sharing led Smart to ask Little Syster to audit their entire organisation and their data practices. Following this audit, Smart received the “Little Syster Score'' that recognised their commitment to offer their customers a more transparent approach to data privacy and security. 

With the objective of fostering a responsible and value-driven digital ecosystem, Little Syster assesses the democratic, social, and environmental impact of a company’s usage of users’ personal data. Little Syster audited and accompanied Smart in their considerations on how to contribute to the development of a more ethical digital advertising market, based on 4 main criteria:

- Transparency of information about Smart’s privacy practices

- Storage and use of personal data collected

- The security of personal data, not only for storage but also for use

- Company policy for choosing technological partners

After having audited all of Smart’s processes and solutions concerning these 4 criteria, Little Syster recognised the virtues of the operational and technical procedures, as well as the means implemented by Smart to guarantee its customers a respectful use of their data. This aims to ensure that all digital advertising operations are ethical. 

"Privacy and protection of our customers' personal data, as well as transparency within the value chain, are a strategic priority for Smart," explains Adrien Thil - chief privacy officer at Smart. "We are very pleased that Little Syster recognises our excellence in this area: the score obtained guarantees our customers and partners the highest level of security in the ad tech field and contributes to our desire to promote a more transparent and regulated industry.”

"By committing to an audit and transparency process with Little Syster, Smart is one of the pioneers of ad tech in terms of digital responsibility," comments Matthieu Daguenet - CEO at Little Syster. "The B grade demonstrates the efforts made by Smart and the implementation of concrete actions."