Sublime Enhance Their Mobile Video Capabilities with Launching TopRoll® on Self-Service Basis

self-served toproll®self-served toproll®

Nine months after the successful launch of TopRoll® – their pioneering mobile video ad format offering fully viewable completion – Sublime, an Azerion company, strengthens their capabilities by making it available on self-service basis.

Self-served TopRoll® is Sublime’s new solution aimed at easing the activation of TopRoll® for trading desks by making it available directly in their Demand Side Platform (DSP) without generating a dedicated redirect.

This way, traders can use TopRoll® in total autonomy and deploy a high-impact mobile video campaign easily, simply by uploading any video asset (VAST, VPAID, mp4) in their own DSP and by targeting a Sublime’s deal.

With this new self-served solution, traders will be able to save time while maximising their campaign effectiveness by benefiting from TopRoll® superior metrics:  92% viewability rate, up to 70% view-through rate for 15 seconds video length and an access to Sublime’s network of premium publishers providing 80% reach. As a result, traders will be able to buy guaranteed viewable views and create premium and exclusive video ad experiences for their clients. 

“Video is now the main ad solution to increase awareness and consideration” explains Emir Teffaha, managing director of Sublime Northern Europe. “Our TopRoll® solution guarantees that videos which are delivered are 100% viewable, solving major issues of outstream formats. With our new Self-served feature, media agencies and brands will be able to gain viewable video reach while saving time & cost.”  

To date, TopRoll® has been deployed in more than 10 markets across 1,200 publishers and has enabled the delivery of more than 500 campaigns for more than 180 different brands.  

Discover more about TopRoll® on: landing.sublime.xyz/toproll/en

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