Crimtan are Certified Gold Standard 2.0 by the IAB

Global lifecycle marketing experts, Crimtan, are delighted to announce that they have been certified Gold Standard 2.0 by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau UK).

Gold Standard 2.0 introduces more rigorous criteria, requiring certified companies to implement IAB Europes Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0.

Crimtan have long been committed to improving digital advertising standards through responsible advertising and supporting best practice industry initiatives, and their certification reflects this.

Whats the IABs mission?

The IABs mission is to raise standards in digital advertising so that, together, we can build a sustainable future for the industry. And their new Gold Standard 2.0 programme is open to all IAB UK members trading in digital advertising.

The Gold Standards aims are to:

  • Reduce ad fraud through the implementation of the ads.txt initiative on all sites selling digital advertising. This shows who is authorised to sell a specific site’s inventory and prevents the selling of fake inventory.
  • Improve the digital advertising experience by participating in the Coalition for Better Advertising.
  • Increase brand safety by working with TAG to ensure that Brand Safety Principles are valuable, applicable, and continue to evolve with market expectations.


To gain certification, companies must prove they have complied with the necessary commitments to meet the Gold Standard 2.0. They are then entitled to use the colour Gold Standard Certified Badge on their website and marketing materials.

IAB UKs chief digital officer, Tim Elkington, says of the new Gold Standard 2.0: 

Since the Gold Standard launched in 2017, it has been embraced by the digital ad industry, making it a powerful initiative to address core issues and drive change from within. Its imperative that the Gold Standard keeps pace with the challenges we face, which is why were strengthening the criteria to address user privacy and supply chain transparency.”